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The Educational Newsletter No 32

Welcome again to my Educational Newsletter.

Now that you have your blog up and running, it is time to think about how to monetize your blog posts and online work. We already talked about good content and traffic which both are essential to moving forward successfully.

You just need to do the work, however! 

So, these are today's Themes
1)  How to Create Your Affiliate VRE
2)  Useful Keyword Research Tools  

3)  Recommended Resources
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1) How to Create your Affiliate VRE

VRE stands for 'Virtual Real Estate' and simply means that you create content and keyword rich websites where you 'rent out' defined areas to other online sources like AdSense, Backlinks and more.

Click the above link to get your free AdSense Case Study. 

Now let's take a short overview what we need and how to best implement these pieces. 

A short checklist

- Do a thorough brainstorming

- Go for something your are good at

- Find a niche you can identify whith

- Research the best keywords

- Write content rich websites on several topics

- Include your affiliate link and AdSense code

That's the roadmap. Once you get used to the system, rinse, refine and repeat the process.

Improve and Refine
Your next step is to improve your copy writing, social networking and SEO (search engine optimization) skills. In addition, there will always be some new tactics and tools you want to try and implement.

And one more point is very important: you must set a goal and time frame. Start small and set your target at $ 100-200 within the first month. Do not set a too high target. Your goal must be reachable. 

Measure your success and improve till you match yoiur target. Then set the next goal, maybe a higher amount within a shorter time, etc. Always think about the effect this additional money could have for your dreams and lifestyle. This keeps you going.

Choose a profitable niche
Before you start everything else, take enough time to do a proper research using several search engines. It is very important that you find a niche outside of the crowded, popular main niches like intrernet marketing or health products.

Be open to anything and look first for the terms people are searching for. Once you have your niche topic look for the best keywords to attract higher paying AdSense ads. Then go for the related product you want to promote.

Find the best affiliate program
Look for merchants that have a good reputationa and a reliable support, combined with excellent products. Do a search at these sites:

AffiliateBot                       Avangate Affiliates           

Commission Junction        Ejunkie                       Kolimbo 

If possible, look for lifetime or residual commissions as you then will earn repeat income also from customers' future purchases.

To perfect your affiliate skills I recommend to get a copy of Rosalind Gardner's Super Affilaite Handbook.  It's an evergreen and still one of the best affiliate tutorials which takes you step-by-step trough the entire process and shows you the way to high conversion rates.  

Don't forget the Affiliate Links!
Once you get used to article writing, it becomes an easytask. Just write natural, in easy language and keep the reader interested. As you are focussing on your niche and product, you can take a summary of your own or the product website to create the article body. 

Write around your carefully selected keywords and weave in one or two affiliate links. Do not use more than 2 links in the whole arrticle though! Your main task as an affiliate is to help your visitor to decide what to buy.

Start your story by outlining a problem, discuss a good solution that has worked for you and then carefully lead your visitor towards a purchase. 

At the end of the article put your hyperlink formulated as a call to action. Something like "Click here to get more Details" or "Find out more here."

In no case should you sell something in your article. That's the job of the merchant's website. However, you need to give the best arguments to warm up the prospect and lead it to click your link through to the product website. This is called the preselling process.

Create AdSense Income
Place AdSense ads on your site. Try to make your website asgood and popular as possible. This will automatically attract narrowl related AdSense ads and build up your earnings from the clicks to these advertisements.

Get and Create Backlinks
For best results search for sites in your niche with similar and related themes. Then write the webmaster to invite them to put a link to your site on theirs. Do the same for them. This has a great SEO effect and will bring you more targeted traffic.

Chose your anchor text carefully and use the exact words people are searching for. That's why you need to spend good time to find the right keywords before you start writing your article and website.

Use Directories to List your Site
Here is a place you can find all you need -  StrongLinks.com
Then put your links into as many directroeis as possible and repeat the process about every 2-3 weeks.

Work hard - Be Patient - Keep Going!
At the beginning of your campaign you should keep working all day and get your project further. Learn and tweak small things until you get better results.

It will take some 2-3 month until search engines will really notice your site and rank it higher due to the linking network you have build. That's the moment where your earnings will start to build up and it will be not to far until you reach the set goal for the first time. 

Now repeat the process and create more similar sites in different niches. After about 10-12 months you will own a little nice VRE (virtual real estate) empire which earns you a growing stream of income every single month.

2) Useful Keyword  Research Tools

1. Wordtracker generates keywords for search engine
    and website optimization. 

2. Keyword Discovery compiles keyword search stats
    from worldwide search engines.    

3. Goodkeywords is a downloadable freeware that queries a
    number of popular search engines to identify good

4. Google Alerts sends you email updates of the latest relevant
    Google results based on your choice of topic or

5. Google Suggest. As you type in a keyword, Google
    offers suggestions and shows the number of results.   

3) Recommended Resources

AdSense Case Study


Avangate Affiliates           

Commission Junction       




4) Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last four issues of my Educational Newsletter:

           No  31         No 30         No 29         No 28       

This is all for today. Please look forward for your next issue of my Newsletter... 

Your comments or questions are welcome. Please also write a comment on my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter. here.

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!

Martin Bigler


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