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The Educational Newsletter No 31

Welcome again to my Educational Newsletter. 

After learning all about how to start your own blog, there is one next and very important task you need to tackle best possible: Traffic, traffic and still more traffic!

You must 'play the piano' at as many Social Media Sites as possible, in order to get noticed as an expert by the online community as well as the search engines.

So, these are today's Themes
1)  Social Networking and Bookmarking
2)  Tracking Your Traffic
3)  Traffic Performance and Techniques
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe


1) Social Networking and Bookmarking

You need to get as many visitors as possible to your sites.

Social networking is an ideal tool to get more presence for your niche sites and to generate traffic from backlinks to your content. There are four main places to consider:


Actually Technorati and BlogCatalog are not exactly classic bookmarking sites but they are some of the best places to promote your blogs. 

Technorati is quite literally, an index of all the blogs in the entire world that it can see. BlogCatalog is a very active place where bloggers present and rate their blogs, form interest groups and create traffic to their sites.

At Technorati you can't really hang out and talk blogs as you can for example at mybloglog, but you can see which similar tags or keywords other people are using for their themes and take advantage to optimise your own keyword list.

Every blog post is tracked and spam blogs are automatically removed. Then results based on the tags that people are using become visible. The more people using the same tag, the more traffic this tag gets from Technorati.  And this knowledge and together with a lot of good information where the hot trends are is the great advantage for you and to increase traffic in your niche.

Del.ico.us is great. Originally, it was designed to let online users store what was of interest to them in one single place and share their favourites with others.

People soon discovered that - like most social networking sites - Delicious had a huge traffic effect for the sites that were being bookmarked regularly. You can easily categorise information to get very targeted links which will heavily influence your Google ranking. 

For that reason, you need to actively bookmark many of your sites 2-3 times per week, if you want to effectively increase traffic.

The same will happen at Digg which is designed to share the 'best of the community' content and sites.  Digg is somehow the mother of generating social networking traffic.

Digg is a great place to gain readers from certain niches. It's a 'geeky' site and designed to draw attention to the sites that are in those niches an offer high quality content. 

Digging someone is the same as saying 'I recommend this' site or content, webmaster or business. Digg is a global word of mouth script, and a very good one. Every time someone 'recommends' or diggs you, you rise back up to the top of the front page, giving you a brief chance in the limelight.  If you attract more attention there, you'll be dugg again, and again, and again, or you'll sink until someone else diggs you.

There is no time limit or expiry on Diggs. So it's also a great way to get traffic to older posts. And you can Digg yourself too. Therefore submit your own site to Digg, occasionally.

The main effect on Digg is the snowball effect.  Gain enough momentum and people will continue to vote for you and you'll keep popping up back at the top.

Stumbleupon is quite a chaotic place in my opinion. The site is designed around 'random' browsing of most traffic exchanges and the voting of Digg. However, Stumbleupon generates a surprisingly steady stream of traffic. Place your site in categories and you are stumbled (randomly visited) by other users from there.

If you now combine all five of these social networking sites (and any others you personally prefer) with MyBlogLog, you can be sure to gain some hundred or more readers each month almost within a few weeks of using this traffic system.

You CAN take very effective short cuts but they are not for free!.  Bookmarking Demon is one of several pieces of software that allows you to bookmark your blog without logging in, and out of each site and can speed up your time with bookmarking considerably. The only problem will be that like with every other 'auto' posting program, you can get banned for spamming if you use the system too aggressively. Therefore consider to mix free and paid tools and use them moderately for best results. 

2) Tracking Your Traffic

To know which are the best bookmarking sites for you and your niche, you need to play and try for some weeks and track results. You need also to decide then where you want to focus most. Whatever you decide, you need to be consistent and keep to your schedule and goals. 

Just keep going. Every marketing strategy needs to be reviewed every 3-4 weeks or month. You need to track, tweak, adjust, and nor lose your passion. Forget about all which does not work. Use this time to perfect your other online activities. 

Keeping track of your traffic is easy. There is a great analytics tool built into your CPanel called Awstats, so you have it already at your host. Also use Google Analytics which delivers perfect results.  

Awstats is reasonably easy to understand – the most important two numbers in it are the unique visitors and your page views.  You might also want to see who is bookmarking you to maybe coming back to visit your site. 

Besides the normal bookmarking websites into the favourites of your web browser, the social bookmarking sites like Digg, Technorati and Delicious give people a broad range of ways to mark out the best items in another blog – sharing it, with everyone that's interested in the niche of the bookmarked blogs.  

Using social bookmarking best possible in your favour, you should also try to keep track of roughly how well it’s working out for you – how many 'diggs' you're receiving, how much traffic its referring in, etc. 

You should be able to see this in your stats too, by looking for URL's that refer from the sites that you are bookmarked on.  

3) Traffic Performance and Techniques

Once you know how well your traffic is performing, you can decide which content is driving the BEST TRAFFIC. If you've got a goal for your blog or website - be it making money, referrals, or simply driving traffic to your other sites  - you can use your traffic (and affiliate stats/earnings) to find out which posts are drawing the most traffic and work on extending on those results by refining the text and keywords.

Within a month's time, you should have several 'cornerstone' posts on your blog. These 'cornerstone' posts should be among your strongest performing posts, or you should work on making a couple of stronger ones.  These 'cornerstone' posts can also be used as articles on Ezinearticles or other directories. This will produce even more traffic as the articles get spread on other sites too. 

FeedBurner is a Google Service and a great way to add additional options to your site. Syndicating your articles is possible just by giving people your FeedBurner code. Their site updates automatically, and you control where they are clicking through to if they are interested in what you are saying in your articles. It's a win–win situation.

Advanced techniques with FeedBurner also include the ability to 'fix' feeds so that they are readable, and track your feed stats. Once you've set up your feed in FeedBurner keep the URL handy.

Aweber has a facility that allows you to attach your blog feed to your email list, giving you the opportunity to email your list the instant you update your blog. This is a great way to automate some of your posting process.  And all it takes is filling in a form in Aweber, and putting a subscription form on your site.  Not so advanced really but very effective!

If your business is more list driven than blog driven, you can also take your list and post it to your blog. You'll need to find a plugin that works with your program. Blogger is eventually more restrictive, so please check inside your account.

Trackbacks are another way to create traffic to your content. If you link your blog to another blog you like or which has great content your readers might be interested in, then this is called 'tracking back' – or backlinking in blogger, sometimes even pinging.
You can no only 'trackback' to the blog itself but also to single posts of a blog. It's important however, to choose only one, two or at a maximum three blog posts to link back to. Just use the link of the message you see in your browser when the blog article is opened.

Finally, here is a list of all the tools you can employ to get the most out of your online work for best profit:

                      >>  Adwords
                      >>  SEO
                      >>  Article Writing
                      >>  Media Buys
                      >>  Blogging
                      >>  Classified Ads
                      >>  Social Bookmarking
                      >>  Social Networking
                      >>  Link Building
                      >>  JV Partners
                      >>  eMail Drops
                      >>  Adswaps

4) Recommended Resources


For automated Bookmarking Bookmarking Demon

Google Analytics
Free ProtrackerPlus which has also a paid option.


or GetResponse

5) Past Issues and How to Subscribe

            No  30         No 29         No 28         No 27       

This is all for today. Please look forward for your next issue of my Newsletter with a new theme about Affiliate VRE... 

Your comments or questions are welcome. Please or write a post at my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter here.

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!

Martin Bigler

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