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The Educational Newsletter No 30

Welcome to the next issue of my Educational Newsletter. 

This is the 4th and last part of "All about Blogging!" 

These are today's Themes
1)  Part 4 - Your Blog From Start to Success - Day 5
XSitePro and XHeader
3)  Recommended Resources
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1) Your Blog From Start To Success - Day 5

Recapitulation Newsletters No 27, 28 and 29
In the last three Newsletters, I focussed on how to start your own Blog successfully, giving you tools and videos to chose and set up your blog. Then I covered what and how to write your blog posts for best results.

To recap, you can read these 3 issues again:

Newsletter No 27Newsletter No 28 - Newsletter No 29

Day 5

Promote Your Blog
Just putting your blog online is not enough. Over the last days, you have now researched, created and loaded up your first 3-5 blog posts.

What next?

Now comes the hard work as you need to promote your blog.
To do that you need to apply some tools and tactics. You need however be patient as this takes some work and time to get results. So please read on for my next tips...

Your Blog Marketing Concept
Your main goal is to make sure that once your blog is developed and in place, it is positioned perfectly to capture your market niche best possible. Then your blog will gain popularity fast and almost market itself.

For that to happen, you need to find the USP (Unique Selling Point) you want to target in your niche. Defining the USP for your blog is easy:

- what sort of reader do you want to attract
- what are they interested in? 
- does your blog cover it?

That's all you need!

Next, you must plan where you want to advertise and approach readers. Check out competition with similar blogs, check their popularity and comment on their blog, leaving a link to your own blog.
Make Your Blog Attractive For People
Your blog content should fascinate people and virtually draw them in – interest them in reading about your opinions and information, and be completely satisfied to the point for what they were expecting by visiting your blog.

Try the best to deliver as much unique information as you can possibly manage, whether you've rewritten it from PLR or written your content from scratch – it should always be unique.  Doing this, you will also avoid Google’s duplicate content filter.

You should consider making your blog memorable to your visitors. Therefore, choose a template that leaves a good impression, presents you as an expert and is easy to use. Just avoid flash templates or other fancy stuff that only distracts your readers.

How To Make People Aware Of Your Blog
Be active on forums of your niche, use social sites and every possibility to share your opinion and bloglink. If you're lucky, a seasoned marketer will see what you're talking about, and eventually link back to your blog. Hint: research and talk about them. But do this carefully and stay with the truth. Such a link back could easily bring you some targeted visitors.

You can promote any blog via specifically designed link exchanges. There are many such sites and I suggest to do a short search for your niche. To see how they work check:

This is one of the most used platforms for bloggers to network, create groups and more. You can submit all your blogs for free and then browse other blogs, add them to your favourites and make friends. There is also a shout box to comment/contact.

This is the Worpress Blog Directory and they accept only WordPress Blogs. Lately the free version was skipped and now there is a fee of about $ 20 per year. It's still very worthwhile.

Blog catalogues are a good way to get much targeted traffic, but do not expect too much. You can find a list of many top listed blog directories at the Online Marketing Blog.

If you want to now what's absolutely hot in the Blog Sphere right now, go to BlogPulse.

MyBlogLog is also an option. It isn't just a traffic exchange; it also provides 'a return on attention'. And for an internet marketer, it works as a community with leverage potential. Owned by Yahoo!, it does a great job of providing traffic, and growth to your blogs. MyBlogLog gives you traffic until you are almost swamped. And it's fairly targeted, as long as you categorise yourself properly.

Other People's Blogs
They are also a great way to attract traffic. Just create a category for 'Other Cool Blogs' or similar and put in some links of first class blogs you want to recommend. And if you leave comments on other blogs, most of them will then link back to your blog automatically. You can see a sample at my Blog

People who agree with you, especially on controversial topics, are automatically more likely to comment on your blog – and once someone opens a dialogue, they usually continue it.

Passion is important, but tempered passion, and reasoned argument are usually the best way to attract people from controversial topics.

Blogging Etiquette
There are some important points you should pay attention to when responding to any blog post or to comments on your own blog:

1. Make sure you understand fully, what the person is saying.
2. You shouldn't respond to a comment in anger.
3. Be clear, do not joke or use inapropriate words.
4. Show that you are the expert, do no look bad.
5. Stay on topic, do not mix things up.
6. Be honest, friendly and always helpful

2) XSitePro and XHeader

Maybe you have already heard about XSitePro which is
an excellent website creation software. You can see the
site and features here...

If you are already familiar with XHeader then I'm sure you are as excited about it as I am. Till recently, they offered 500 high quality header graphics for Blogs, Websites and Squeeze Pages for free. But this may change and you need to check back on their site.

There is also a Deluxe Premium Version of XHeader with up to 5000 first class and highly converting header graphics to compliment their popular free version.

3) Free Blog Templates and Tools

Everybody needs some graphics and tools to give their web pages more pep and to make them appealing. A great resource is Bravenet, which you can join for free and where you can download everything you need from their fully stuffed toolbox. They offer also very useful tutorials all around website building and blogging.

If you want a nicely designed theme for your blog, here are two sites where you can download your favourite from over 1000 themes, all for free. 

The upload process is very easy and done in 2 minutes. Here are the steps (I explain it for Wordpress self hosted version but I guess for Blogger or other Blog Platforms it's quite the same): 

Step One
Download the theme file to your computer (right click and save), best to the Desktop or a special file you name "Blog Themes" or "WordPress".

Step Two
Login to your Blog Admin Panel, click Dashboard /Appearance. On top is "Manage Themes" click add new there. Now you can see "Install Themes", click Upload and then search for the ZIP-File stored on your Desktop or defined file.

Step Three
Then click install now and WordPress will unzip the files and place them in the right order on your host. Once this process is finished, you should see the chosen theme. Just activate it, refresh your blog site and - fingers crossed - you should see your blog in the new design now. If you want to add another new theme repeat these steps. If you want just change to another, already available theme, deactivate the existing and activate the new joyce. That's all there is!

4) Recommended Resources

Directories, Blogsubmitters, Free Traffic

BlogCatalog          PoweredByWP          BlogPulse

MyBlogLog           Online Marketing Blog

Website Builder & Amazing Header Graphics

XSitePro               XHeader                   Bravenet

Free Blog Themes

Free Wordpress Themes          Amazing Wordpress Themes

5) Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last four issues of my Educational Newsletter:

No  29         No 28         No 27         No 26                      

This is all for today. Please look forward for your next issue of my Newsletter where I will talk about Social Bookmarking and other interesting things… 

Your comments or questions are welcome. Please or write a post at my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter here.

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!

Martin Bigler


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