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The Educational Newsletter No 29

Welcome to the next issue of my Educational Newsletter. 

This is the next part of "All about Blogging!" or how to
spice up your blog to attract visitors and traffic. 

These are today's Themes
1)  Part 2 - Your Blog From Start to Success - Day 4
The 4 Crucial Listbuilding Success Tips 
3)  Recommended Resources
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1) Your Blog From Start To Success - Day  4

Recapitulation Newsletters No 27 and No 28
In the last two Newsletters I started to write about Blogging, giving you tools and videos on how to chose and set up your blog. Read it again in Newsletter No 27.

The last time, I gave a short overview about blogging, what you could write about, planning your niche and keywords, as well as selecting the blog theme and how to write what your readers will like. Read it again in Newsletter No 28

Day 4
Now you need to fill your blog with content to let it come to life.

Writing for the web is definitively not only collecting ideas and putting them online. Bog posting is much more; it's your piece of at work you let the online world know about. That means every blog post is a special piece of your personal view on the theme you write about. 

Think well before you start!
Do a brainstorming, make notes and do a proper research on the product or theme you want to tackle. Have your keywords organised in a spread sheet or text file, then plan the outlay of your article and the time when to publish it on your blog.

Then start writing. I suggest using an article writing tool like Mass Article Control, which allows you to change and format existing text into article content. In that way, you get also different articles as a raw product for your article campaign almost with no additional effort.

If you use Wordpress, you can queue your posts as you are writing them, giving you the additional advantage of being able to post series and have them ready to go, without losing your flow.  

At Blogger, you need to write your posts on the day you want to publish them. You can simply copy and paste your articles. This needs a bit more of attention as you need to login every 2nd or 3rd day to post your content.

I recommend that you stay at least 3-5 posts ahead so your posts go out timely, even if you are too busy or away on business or holidays. That way, you are on the save side and your flow of content is not interrupted.

Blog posts should follow some rules
Most important, your blog should not be an advertising machine but only have spare advertising links or even none of them.

Your followers and visitors do not want to read and discuss adverts but they are eager to hear about your opinions and thoughts in your niche. They want to know that you actually do know what you're talking about. And still more important, they want to discuss with you their opinion too.

Still, you can write about products, talk about why you're so passionate about them, their features, the things that make you want to use them, or the services they offer and problems they solve.

To give more in depth information, you can also upload pictures, podcasts (audio), video, multimedia, eventually together with some personal presentation – in fact, the more interactive your blog is, the more traffic and return visitors you'll get. Plus comments are stirred too. But do it subtle and make it interesting. 

Write in clear and short sentences
Use bolded sub headlines, one per paragraph. Studies have proven that many online users just skim the information and take up the sub headlines faster than the normal text.  

Skim reading users do have their advantages: your writing doesn't need to be tight and sophisticated. Just some headlines and 3-5 lines of normal but informative text. You can also use your blog post as a 5-line teaser to an article you have published earlier at a directory. To read on, people must click through to the full article. This gives you valuable rankings and backlinks. 

There is an exception to this rule: when you you're blogging about yourself and your family, you might find it very hard to use sub-headlines. Just try to be natural it is your brand and style. Test what works best for you and your niche.

The most popular blog post formulas
Most common and responsive is the 'problem – solution' approach. Take up a common problem, current trend, or newsworthy topic and offer a solution that is proved and which works.

Another type of highly popular blog post is the review. It’s quite easy to write a review post. However, it must be done with care and honesty. Also make sure that the theme or product fits well into your niche and blog main theme. Your blog should always be laser focussed on your niche and related areas to this niche.

Very popular and traffic effective is to post 'a list'' about something which is very popular, for example:

The 10 most popular XYs are:.
(x) reasons why (y) is the only option/ a very bad idea
(x) reasons why you should/should not do (y)
(x) life saving or money saving tips or solutions

The highly popular blog, http://lifehacker.com is full of these tips and tricks – an article centred on solving a problem. The problem may not be implicitly stated, but instead touched on in general terms, but the solutions are always bang on the money, and that makes this blog a must read.

The final type of a popular blog post is the feature. Features can be one article, or several long articles, with links to each other.  They should cover something important and be packed full of information.  Keyword rich and let your readers feel as they have really learned something important. This also attracts the search engines because of the keyword rich new content on your blog.

Writing style and the landscape of your blog
At the end a blog is a marketing platform and your work should be financially honoured in one way or the other. Its up to you to market yourself (skills, special services), niche products, your company or social advice.

Your writing should always be in proper, easy to understand language. No slang or technical extravaganza. Use correct grammar and avoid spelling mistakes. Your Blog is your visit card with your picture and personality. It's your very own opinion medium. Do not damage your reputation but brand yourself as expert in your niche.

Make your blog readers feel like they are getting in on a secret of some description – or share something that wouldn't ordinarily be online.

Create a good 'about me/company' profile, set up a FAQ page, give contact information, offer a newsletter, describe what you focus on, etc. 

Offer a blog archive for your articles and a freebie corner with good learning or information material to download. It is fair if you have a squeeze page set up to collect opt-in subscribers.  Also have an RSS and blog opt-in form ready. This should be well visible somewhere on the top of your blog.

As an extra bonus, you can 'tie' your blog feed to your auto responder; giving people the option of signing up to receive your posts by email. It's a bit more work for you to set up the autoresponder articles. But these subscribers will be eager to receive your information and they are therefore your future customers. 

Take care of them!  

That's the end for today.

2) The 4 Crucial Listbuilding Success Tips 

Listbuilding is an evergreen theme, I know. But many people have still their problems and find it very hard to start and grow a growing and responsive subscriber list.

Yes, it takes some patience and strategies!

These are my 4 suggestions you should follow to successfully build your list...

1. Put up a good web form
The sign-up box should well fit into the text an have the best possible prominent place inside your text. It should definitively be visible above the fold and immediately follow at the end of your content. Remember that your homepage should provide a quick good impression, offering something your visitor finds interesting and useful. Then they almost naturally will give you their email address to get further information. If you have a longer text on your website, you still can repeat the sign-up box at the bottom or place links to the web form inside the text.

2. Make your homepage very, very impressive
You need to have well written articles and descriptions on your site. Depending on your niche and target (gather sign-ups, pre-selling or direct low price sales with OTO or upsell, etc.), you should always provide a sign-up box. Therefore over deliver, make the content catchy, fancy and important to catch as many eyes and possible subscribers as possible. Make your site useful and very easy to use. Do not expect everyone to be tech savvy. Keep the opt-in form simple, don’t ask for more information than you need to and make your graphics appealing.

3. Provide excellent service and products
A return customer is more likely to bring you more business and as a satisfied customer, she/he will always recommend your services or product to other interested people. That is why word of mouth recommendation is as important as they can explode your traffic and income within a short time, far more than an expensive marketing campaign ever could. As your clientele grows, so shall your list. The more list members you generate, the more people will get to know about your expert knowledge and what you have to offer. 

4. Keep your list private and clean
Never lose the trust your customers have entrusted you. Treat them individually as your personal VIP and never provide their e-mail address to other sources. Never spam! Keep your high standard of services, content and useful products. Do not give too much for free but train your list to accept a fair price for your knowledge and recommended products. Your good reputation will automatically drive in more traffic and subscribers as well as strengthen the loyalty of your customers.

To get your list building into the overdrive mode, I suggest to check out and use the following first class tools:

Get More Buyers

Viral Traffic List Builder (FREE)

Instant Buzz (FREE)

LeadsLeap (FREE)

3) Recommended Resources

For Easy Article Writing And Changing
Mass Article Control 

Great FREE List Builders
List Machine
Your Lucky List
Triple Your List

FREE Advertising Tools
List Bandit
Myfree Text Ad
Program Hoppers


 4) Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last four issues of my Educational Newsletter:

No  28         No 27         No 26         No 25                         

This is all for today. Please have an eye for my next Newsletter with the continuation of the "all about Blogging" information. 

Your comments or questions are welcome. Please or write a post at my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter here.

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!

Martin Bigler


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