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The Educational Newsletter No 26

Welcome to this issue of my Educational Newsletter which is all about generating traffic!

These are today's Themes:
1)  How to Get 1000 Visitors to Your Website
Just a Reminder: Squeeze Page Components
3)  Why is Forum Marketing Effective?
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe


1)  How to Get 1000 Visitors to Your Website

The main question is:

"How To Get 1000 New, Unique Targeted Visitors
Per Month To Any Website... All For Free!"

There are certainly many ways liek , Traffic building Tools, SEO optimisation, Blogging and more. 

This free report is going to outline a step by step plan for taking any site from zero to one thousand visitors per month in 30 days time. Or, increasing your existing traffic by a thousand visitors per month in the next 30 days. 

Enjoy and I hope it helps you best.

2)  Just a Reminder: Squeeze Page Components

There are actually only 7 main components for a successful and effective Squeeze Page. Capturing the contact information of people who have visited your site in the past, gives you a targeted list of potential customers to promote to in the future.

Only one Single Message
The single and only intention of your squeeze page is to collect the contact information of your visitor. Nothing else, no banner, no other links, just some plain text, bullet points and your  sign-up box.

Opt-In Form
Put yourr opt-in form at the best place of your site: top left or right, centered within your short text, always above the screen fold! Reinfoce the obvious need to sign in with an arrow or a powerful sticker graphic. 

Create a Dominant Opt-In Button
Within the opt-in form the button used to submit or confirm their information should be lightely oversized and dominantly displayed in order to attract the prospect further. Use a re-inforcing text on the button too. 

Most Powerful Headline
Try out several diffferent headlines and track the results. Then rwhich works best. R
efine the best until you have something very outstanding. You have only 5-7 seconds to convince and stirr up a  visitor to stay at your squeeze page and read on.

Never give a Choice
There is no 'selection' of choices on your squeeze page. This would only distract the reader. Stick to one single and best possible formulated message to convince your visitor. 

No Payment Button
Money is neither requested nor spoken of on this page. Do not mentione any amount nor  in terms of the visitor making any type of purchase or payment. say something about a future payment once they sign in. Instead use a free report or video as teaser. Then, once they hva confirmed their opt-in, make them an irresistible offer as an Upsell, OTO or even more free content.

The Free Gift
To encourage any visitor to trad etheir name and email address against your information, a free gift is commonly used and widely expected. This can be a branded report with your affiliate links inside, your video, audio or a piece of great and free software. The best is off course to use your own prodcuts and content to build your list and trust from subscribers.

You can also check out one of my previous articles .

3) Why is Forum Marketing Effective?

Internet forum marketing is the form of marketing where you market your business through online discussion groups. First you join a forum and start adding posts to the discussions. 

You are usually not allowed to advertise or market directly through your posts, this would be considered as spamming and lead to closure of your account even before you begin. So please adhere to the rules. 

After registering as a member of the forum you can create your own signature file. In this signature file you can hyperlink a keyword phrase back to your website, which when clicked can bring on the traffic to your site.

The following are the five benefits of forum marketing.

1.    Always remember when you are posting you are helping out someone. It is a great felling when you are of any help to the other person. If you are a believer of the law of when you give you always receive something then online forum marketing is the place for you.

2.    You get to learn a lot for free. When I started my online business, I never felt the urge to post. I only read other people’s posts. I hung out in the Warrior Forum and learned a lot which helped me grow the business.

3.    You’ll get free advertising from your signature profile. People read your posts and view your signature profile and click on the link for your website. This type of traffic is very passive and a great source of sales.

4.    Search engines would give you credit for a backlink when you hyperlink your keyword phrase back to your website. Try to be very regular and post on these forums several times a week. You can try Google search and you will get a large list of forums and discussion groups. Find the few which has any form of relevance with your business. One great place to be is the Conquer Your Niche Forum.

5.    One other huge benefit I get is that I acquire ideas to write articles on my blog by going through the different kind of questions people ask. A good question usually stimulates a lot of discussion. Such questions can be made into good articles.
Visit the forums regularly, help people out and place you as an expert as you grow your own knowledge. Be consistent and profit form the benefits and contacts.

4)  Recommended Resources

Web Trafffic Overdriveve

How to Get 1000 Visitors a Monthth

The Sales Potion Report

SEO - It's All About Traffic

How to Build and Understand Squeeze Pages Easy in 5 Minutes

Warrior Forum

Conquer Your Niche Forum

5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last four issues of my Educational Newsletter:

No  25                  No 23         No 22                         

This  is all for today. I hope you can make use and profit from my suggestions. Your comments or questions are welcome. Please or write a post at my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter here.

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!,

Martin Bigler

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