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The Educational Newsletter No 23

These are the Themes
1)   Get my Income Traffic Explosion Ebook for FREE
2)   Complementary Traffic Building Tools
3)   The Step-by-Step PLR Tutorial
4)   Recommended Tools
5)   Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Today's Newsletter is a bit different as everything I write about is absolutely free.I hope this helps you to get your traffic and online business to the next gear.

1)   Get my Income Traffic Explosion Ebook for FREE

This is my Free Ebook for you and I encourage you to

Kick off Your Web 2.0 Income Traffic Explosion 

right now. It's over 100 pages and you can download it absolutely free and without having to opt in. 

Why do I give away this valuable eBook? 

Because I asked myself many times the question how to generate unstoppable trafffic to any of my websites, day and night. And at the  beginning, I thought it
will be impossible. Also, if you still have a job beside, your time to build a successful online business is something  limited  to 2-3 hours a day (or better a night). 

It is not impossible!

Take your chance to grab this fascinating eBook of top Web 2.0 content and advice. Unleash your Web 2.0 Traffic Storm now and implement all the strategies step-by-step to boost your online income.

And you can get it all for FREE here. Please make sure you download it immediately and read it as there are really some great insights as to how to get a Storm of Traffic and Visitors to your websites. 

And if you also like to get the of Income Traffic
Explosion, they are available here to explode your traffic and income even faster...

2)   Complementary Traffic Building Tools

First, I recommend you to download the Web Traffic Overdrive Report
(Free for You), which covers:

   1.   How To Effectively Use PPC Advertising To Get Laser 
         Targeted Visitors
   2.   Generate Traffic Using Only Free Methods
   3.   7 Surefire Ways To Increase Your Traffic Instantly!
   4.   Viral Marketing - Not Using It Could Kill Your Business!
   5.   How to use and Where to get a Free Tell-a-Friend script
   6.   SEO - Search Engine Optimization And Why You Gotta Use It
   7.   How To Monetize Your Traffic to the MAX!
   8.   And So Much More.....

This is another $47 Real Value  to help you to boost your website
traffic even more.

Second, you need quality Back Links. My tip is Linkserp.

Reciprocal linking is a great way to get traffic and better search engine rankings. Find another site which deals around your niche, product range and similar topics. You then contact the site owner or webmaster and ask if they would like to put a link to your site in exchange for a your link to their website. I use this cool free tool which automates randomly the back links to your website every 24 hours. It works great for me and you can test it for free here.

Another possibility are link exchange services and directories that will help you to find similar websites to exchange links with you. Do a search for “link exchange” and you will find several options to choose from. Try it out, you will be astonished how fast your ranking and visitors will improve. That means more eyes directly on your website and if only some click to your affiliate links or whatever you offer…

3)   The Step-by-Step PLR Tutorial

PLR products are great in many ways. They can be used as is or better modified,
condensed and renamed to a new product you can call your own or use to content for instructional videos or manuals. .You can also consider to read them loud and create an audio Ebooks, Reports, Articles or Blogposts are just the most common ideas. 

Once you buy a package, your files are usually delivered in a compressed zip-folder and if you open this folder, you will see all the files, such as
  - the index.html website
  - the thank you or download page
  - eventually a bonus or special OTO page
  - the graphics, ebook covers, pictures, etc.
  - evenually some articles or draft autoresponder messages
  - and most important: the licence which tells you whats allowed to do with
    your PLR product. PLR usually allows you to do almost everything, Resell   
    Rights or Master Resell Rights are a bit more limiitaded. So please read
    your licence carefully.

These are your exact next steps to set it all up:

a) Extract the resell rights package into a new folder with the directory 
    structure intact.

b) Edit the index.html page with your favourite HTML editor and personalize
    it with your name, contact email address, your sign-up box if necessary,
    eventually other links. etc.

c) Be sure to state your product price towards the bottom of the sales page.
    A good price range for PLR products is between $ 17 and $ 27. If there are
    Videos or additional valuable content you may charge up to $ 47 or $ 67. If
    you is set at $27. Save and exit.
    If you want to offer an upsell and OTO, then go for $ 7 or 9.9 at the front
    end. This will lead to more sales and sign-ups at the frontend.

d) Edit the download.html page and add your email address. Chech that your
    correct own links are inserted and are working. Then rename the file so that
    it is hard to guess. For example: xyzdload78035.html. Save it!

e) Edit the order.php file and add your single line order button code. If you’re
    using ClickBank as your payment processor, your link will look like the 


    If you’re using PayPal’s self-hosted order buttons links it will look like the  


    Sometimes you need to create your own Paypal Button if there is no graphic
    or PSP file delivered. In this case just follow Paypals instructons and insert 
    the HTML code you get into your website.

e) Upload all the contents of your extracted files to a directory on your server
    using a free program like Filezilla or any other. You can buy a new domain
    for each resell rights product or place them in a sub-directory of your domain.

f) Extract the autoresponder emails into a new folder and personalize them
   with your name and URL to your product’s sales page. You should alter the
   prewritten text to your own wording and style. Make it authentic to you, avoid
   any hype, concentrate on the benefits for your subscriber and buyer. Even add
   an additional and related product link at the bottom inside the PS.

g) Copy and paste your prepared emails into your autoresponder. If you have
    multiple autoresponder lists, use the one which receives the most traffic, or
    add a copy of that email sequence to that list too. Set your autoresponder to
    send out your message 7-11 days from the previous to reduce unsubscribe
    rates. If you need help with upsetting your autoresponder, Aweber or
    Getresponse offer step-by-step video tutorials on how to do this.

h) Next, copy and paste a solo Email into your broadcast and send your message
    instantly to your list. Depending on the size and responsiveness  of your list,
    you can probably expect to make some sales from this alone.

i) Optional but recommended. Sometimes you even get a 5-7 day eCourse inside
   your PLR product. If not write one, using the best content from your other mail
   and the website text. Add your own ideas and intuition too. DO NOT load them
   all in the same autoresponder as your broadcast email because that will upset
   your subscribers especially if they don’t want more information about the same
   product. The eCourse should be used to convert the interested prospects only if
   they are interested in the product and want to know more.

   The eCourse is best used on your sales page as a popup, or as a sign-up
   form somewhere on the page. For this to work you need to set up another
   autoresponder list and load it with your pre-written autoresponders which
   should be spaced out 3-7 days apart. In theory, you will have the same
   subscriber on two of your autoresponder lists, however you can use the
   Aweber’s unsubscribe rule when you send them through to your buyer’s list.

   Watch the Aweber or Getresponse video tutorials on how to apply such
   automated rules.

   That's all about it. 

You should now have successfully set up your prodcut which will run on autopilot from now  on. Do not forget to add some other and related prodcuts to your
list in order to keep it fresh for the subscriber.

Your next step will be to take  another PLR product and start the same process from the beginning. Rinse and repeat for as many products as you can. This will spread your risk and lead to more sales all the time. It's a numbers game!

To get the whole Resell Rights Success Kit for free, click here.

4)  Recommended Tools 

Web 2 Income Traffic Explosion Ebook and

FTP Filezilla

Best Autoresponders Aweber and Getresponse

Build real Backlinks with the Free Linkserp

Free PLR Tutorial at Platinum Resell Rights

5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last four issues of my Educational Newsletter:

No  22                  No 20         No 19                         

This  is all for today. I hope you can make use and profit from my suggestions. Your comments or questions are welcome. Please write a post at my

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe to the Martin Bigler Educational Newsletter

Follow me on Twitter and bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler's Blog.

Best Success!

Martin Bigler

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