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The Educational Newsletter No 20

These are the Themes
1)  Tips to Increase Ranking and Website Traffic
2)  My Review of Easy Article Writer
3)  What is Keyword Density
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1)  Tips to Increase SE-Ranking and Website Traffic

I have put together a short bullet point list on how you can best enforce increased website traffic and search engine rankings.
•    Create a site with valuable content, products or services.

•    Place primary and secondary keywords within the first 25 words in your page content
      and spread them evenly throughout the document.

•    Research and use the right keywords/phrases to attract your target customers.

•    Use your keywords in the right fields and references within your web page. Like Title,
      META tags, Headers, etc.

•    Keep your site design simple so that your customers can navigate easily between web
      pages, find what they want and buy products and services.

•    Submit your web pages i.e. every web page and not just the home page, to the most
      popular search engines and directory services. Hire someone to do so, if required. Be
      sure this is a manual submission. Do not engage an automated submission service.

•    Keep track of changes in search engine algorithms and processes and accordingly modify
      your web pages so your search engine ranking remains high. Use online tools and utilities
      to keep track of how your website is doing.

•    Monitor your competitors and the top ranked websites to see what they are doing right
      in the way of design, navigation, content, keywords, etc.

•    Use reports and logs from your web hosting company to see where your traffic is coming
      from. Analyse your visitor location and their incoming sources whether search engines or
      links from other sites and the keywords they used to find you.

•    Make your customer visit easy and give them plenty of ways to remember you in the form
      of newsletters, free reports, reduction coupons etc.
•    Demonstrate your industry and product or service expertise by writing and submitting
      articles for your website or for article banks so you are perceived as an expert in your field.

•    When selling products online, use simple payment and shipment methods to make your
      customer’s experience fast and easy.

•    When not sure, hire professionals. Though it may seem costly, but it is a lot less expensive
      than spending your money on a website which no one visits.

•    Don’t look at your website as a static brochure. Treat it as a dynamic, ever-changing sales
      tool and location, just like your real store to which your customers with the same seriousness.

2)  My Review of Easy Article Writer

A Fast and Easy Way To Create Professional Articles In 7 Minutes. The promises made by J.P. Schloeffel are fully true, “Easy Article Writer” is the fastest and easiest way to write articles and the script updates itself to the newest version when you log in, just say OK!

Having fresh content week in and week out is something that the search engines want and which most probably creates you headaches on how to come up with such a lot of new content. I feel like that! Being always pushed to keep up with the schedule, I felt bad and definitively wanted to change this. Knowing that articles are one of the best and fastest ways to move my online business to the next level of success, I was looking around for solutions.

After trying out several methods about easier, faster and better writing ideas and tools, I finally came across “Easy Article Writer”. First I only saw 1-2-3 and 7 minutes - an incredible promise! Luckily, I bookmarked the site for later reading. And it was only after some other weeks of being in the same time race against my content running out everywhere on my sites that I remembered...

Reading the site in full and watching the video, I came to the decision that I must have this tool immediately. It's like help from heaven: affordable, simple to install and use and a great way to short cut my article writing work. The “Easy Article Writer” Software which downloads onto your computer, makes creating your very own articles fast, easy, and simply a breeze to do with a click of a button.
This powerful article writing software does all of the research for you, which means you will never again spend hours and hours researching each article that you write. In fact your work is reduced to copy, paste, and do a little editing. That's all and the result will be: 
*   Articles that the search engines are craving for
*   Articles that pre-sell your customers on your product or services
*   Articles that increases your online presence in record time
*   Articles that builds trust with readers
*   Articles that make you money
Not only does this money-making research tool let you produce unique high quality content fast, but it also includes a word count tool, a keyword density tool, and a keyword suggestion tool built into this powerful software!

Your so created articles will present in a professional, clear, and high-quality format, boost your sales and giving you that extra edge you need to take your online business to the next level of success. And this effortlessly in only three simple steps.

Step 1 :    Type in a keywords that describes your niche or target audience
Step 2 :    Customize the research by rearranging and rewriting the sentences
Step 3 :    Click the copy and paste button and that’s it, you’re done...

Please follow the video (9+ mins) to see every step and how exactly “Easy Article Writer” works!

And they offer a 7 days free trial, so it is easy to check out the whole program.

3)  What is Keyword Density

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword appears in the web page. But mind you, keywords shouldn’t be over used, but should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places.

If you repeat your keywords with every other word on every line, then your site will probably be rejected as an artificial site or spam site. So please chose your keyword placement wisely!

Keyword density is always expressed as a percentage of the total word content on a given web page.

Suppose you have 100 words on your webpage (not including HMTL code used for writing the web page), and you use a certain keyword for five times in the content. The keyword density on that page is got by simply dividing the total number of keywords, by the total number of words that appear on your web page. So here it is 5 divided by 100 = .05. Because keyword density is a percentage of the total word count on the page, multiply the above by 100, that is 0.05 x 100 = 5%

The accepted standard for a keyword density is between 3% and 5%, to get recognized by the search engines and you should never exceed it.

Remember, that this rule applies to every page on your site. It also applies to not just to one keyword but also a set of keywords that relates to a different product or service. The keyword density should always be between 3% and 5%.
Simple steps to check the density:

•    Copy and paste the content from an individual web page into a word-processing
      software program like Word or Word Perfect.

•    Go to the ‘Edit’ menu and click ‘Select All’. Now go to the ‘Tools’ menu and select
      ‘Word Count’. Write down the total number of words in the page.

•    Now select the ‘Find’ function on the ‘Edit’ menu. Go to the ‘Replace’ tab and type in
      the keyword you want to find. ‘Replace’ that word with the same word, so you don’t
      change the text.

•    When you complete the replace function, the system will provide a count of the
      words you replaced. That gives the number of times you have used the keyword
      in that page.

•    Using the total word count for the page and the total number of keywords you can
      now calculate the keyword density.

Recommended excellent Tool: Keyword Research Pro.

4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Here you can download the last for issues of my Educational Newsletter:

                           No 19        No 18        No 17       No 16   

I hope these themes are useful to you and you enjoyed reading this newsletter. Feel free to post a comment on my Blog. Please also send this newsletter to your friends and list. They can sign up here.

I look forward to mail you again for the next issue soon.

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