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The Educational Newsletter No 17

These are the Themes of this issue
1)  Make Money Online
2)  Free & Useful Tools (2nd part)
3)  Safelists
4)  How to avoid Hacking
5)  Recommended Resources
6)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

I was very busy so this edition of my newsletter took a little longer to prepare. However, I am excited that the latest websites I put up recently are already producing sign ups and some sales. In short, please take a look yourself on what I was working on:

"Super Simple Money Saving Tips"
An eBook and course on how to save and cut down spending.

"Clickbank Blogging Reviews"
How to review Products for Affiliate Marketing Success.

"Online Time Management Success"
Strategies and Tips on how to fully utilize your time with your online business.

1)  Make Money Online

This is a free 36 page report with 6 tips on how to start your Online success business. Have a look at the Squeeze Page here. However, you do not need to sign up as I offer you this free report as my today's special gift. This is your direct zip-download link.

2)  Free & Useful Tools (2nd part)

Banner-Generator - Create banners online in no time - for free!

DealDotCom - Sell your Product through DealDotCom (must be your own and include a bargain)

Firefox Browser Toolbar - Firefox offers tap-browsing, many cool addons and is faster, safer, just better.

Firefox Download Addon - This will download whole file packages with own click, including images, etc.

Gravtar - Allows you to ad your picture or avatar to all your Blog posts

My life Signatures - to create website signatrues (free)

Tradebit - Great resource of cheap downloads and MRR products

3)  Safelists

Do Safelists Really Work? I think yes if you are doing it the right way.


   - be a member of as many safelists as you can handle
   - use only credit based safelists
   - if they work well, upgrade to pro to profit even more.

You can read my Blog Article and check out a list of over 20 Safelists I use personally. 

4)  How to avoid Hacking

There are seven ways to minimize your changes of getting hacked:

Use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) instead of FTP. Normally, this requires SSH access. The downside is that (from what I know) most web hosting companies don't provide SSH access to their shared hosting customers! If you are on a VPS or Dedicated  server, you should already have SSH access.

Use strong passwords. I use the Roboform password generating tool for this purpose! Usually its default settings work me, but if you need stronger passwords than what the tool offers by default, you can always customize the available options!

Keep your PC protected with Firewalls, Antivirus tools, Malware Detectors, Anti-Spyware Tools, etc. If you are looking for recommendations, this is a good forum to get started.

Please remember: different security tools work and behave differently on different systems, so it might take a few months of trial and error before you find the "perfect" solution for your application. And also very important, update these security tools regularly!

Always download software programs from trusted sources, such as Cnet or Tucows.

As soon as you have downloaded a file, scan it with an antivirus tool to make sure it is not infected, especially if it happens to be an executable program!

Stay away from bad sites. If you visit sites that host porn, warez, keygen, etc., you cannot blame anyone but yourself in case you get infected with Trojans and Viruses!

Avoid downloading files from Peer-to-Peer (P2P) connections: With most P2P networks, the uploaded content is hardly monitored, so your chances downloading a Trojan are very high. Another possibility is that of identity theft. You may be happily downloading some stuff using Limewire, while a couple of thieves are busy stealing your IP address, passwords, or other secret information they can use to harm you in future! Remote attacks are also a possibility!

Please keep in mind that even if you follow these seven steps, there is no guarantee that you  would be totally protected from FTP password thieves! However, these security measures would certainly minimize the chances of attacks!

5)  Recommended Resources

"Super Simple Money Saving Tips"

An eBook and course on how to cut down spending and save.

"Clickbank Blogging Reviews"
How to review Products for Affiliate Marketing Success

"Online Time Management Success"
Strategies and Tips on how to fully utilize your time with your online business

"Make Money Online"

"My Article on Safelists"

"Major Geeks Forum"

Free and Safe Downloads at Cnet and Tucows    

6)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe and follow me

Download the past issues of my Educational Newsletter here.

I hope these themes are useful to you and you enjoyed reading this newsletter. Feel free to post a comment on my .  Please also send this newsletter to your friends and list. They can sign up here. And now, please look forward to your next Educational Newsletter soon again.

Best success.

Martin Bigler

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