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The Educational Newsletter No 16
These are the Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Free Tools (1st Part)
2)  Step-by-Step Niche Code
3)  Three Keys For Big Commission Checks
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

Welcome again to this edition of the Educational Newsletter.

Progress and Recession?

Yes, a contrast and problems we certainly cannot ignore. Somehow everybody is touched in a way. Nevertheless, every crisis has also a positive side as we are forced to think about solutions and how to get re-organised where necessary.

And standing up one more time as you fall, that is what I call progress - Never give up!

So let's dive into some new stuff right now and work on our online business, setting one step before another, ignoring  bad thoughts. Today I start with a list of free tools since I recognised that not everyone can probably afford to pay  for their traffic and other tools they need to keep an online business going. 

1)  Free Tools (1st Part)

Till now you should have defined your niche(es) and put up some articles, reviews and squeeze pages for your preferred affiliate product. The next you need is traffic and some other tools.

Here is the first part of my suggestions:

This is a great and complete free Anti Virus Program.

password manager securely stores online and offline passwords, automatically logs you into online accounts and completes online registration and checkout forms with one click. Get your Free Download here.

The program automatically synchronizes and backs up emails, photos, financial documents, MP3s and all other important files between desktops, laptops, external drives, FTP/Secure FTP/WebDAV / Amazon S3 servers and now Windows Mobile phones. Free Download here.

is a great service that allows you to convert your computer files online for free. It allows you to convert documents, images, videos and music files and share them with friends. Under  "tools" they also offer a nice Browser button.

Create a free website or blog, easy drag and drop interface no technical skills required, dozens of professional designs, free domain hosting and more.

My Free Text Ads
Free viral traffic and list builder with great resources, free ads guaranteed visitors, viral traffic tools, residual traffic. And it won't ever cost to upgrade.

In the next newsletter, I will list the 2nd part of free available and useful tools.

2)  Step-by-Step Niche Code

In an earlier issue, we already discussed the process of finding a suitable niche to explore and work out for your promotions. As a repetition and to give you some more ideas, please download the free report "Unlock The Niche Code"
(direct zip-file).

Inside there are good examples, screen shots and tools fory your search so that you easily can find a hot and money spending market.

To write appropriate articles within your new found niche, I suggest to check the

PLR article site builder which helps you to:

*  Turn your PLR and own articles into complete, profitable SEO Niche
    Websites, featuring Adsense,  Amazon and Clickbank ads. And you
    can easily add  any of your own ads and tools too.

*  Boost your Niche Websites income by inserting moneymaking affiliate
    links into your articles.
*  Make all your Niche Websites Pages unique automatically and adding
    matching niche videos to your websites. This is extremely powerful
    and traffic sensitive.

3)  Three Keys for Big Commission Checks

This is one of my favourite reports written by my friend and mentor Jimmy D. Brown. Within these 20 pages, Jimmy explains exactly the following 3 key steps:

*  Capture the Subscriber first
*  Presell the Offer
*  Create an Incentive

Everything is laid out very precise and I hope you can profit a lot of This information. Download the zip-file here "3 Keys to Creating Big-Time Commission Checks"

4) Recommended Resources

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Unlock The Niche Code

3 Keys to Creating Big-Time Commission Checks

5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

You can download the past issues of my Educational Newsletter if you need to go back to the recent content again.

This closes this Newsletter for today and I hope to have put up some interesting stuff for you. Next time I will go on with the 2nd part of the free tools and more...

Your comments or questions are welcome. Please write a post at my Blog.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and inviteyour friends and business partners to subscribe to the Educational Newsletter here

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