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The Educational Newsletter No 15

Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Choose the Right Affiliate Product
2)  Guaranteed Free Traffic System
3)  The Niche Marketing Checklist
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1)  Choose the Right Affiliate Product
The Clickbank Market Place is one of the best sources to check for good products, niches and affiliate partnerships. But how do you separate the runners from the dead horses?

First, Clickbank offers you some great information about gravity, commissions and sales already realised by other affiliates. Inside of the last newsletter I recommended to use the Free Clickbank Search Engine, which lets you easily sort out hot Clickbank products with a high conversion rate.

To select the right product, there are some checks you must do:

*Gravity and Commission*

Clickbank calculates these factors which tell you how many affiliates have sold at least one unit of the product. The higher the number the higher the sales usually convert. So a high gravity is already a good sign to expect some fast results.

Also go for at least 50 % to 75 % commission and check whether there are one time offers and back end sales to. If it is a good  membership site, be sure that you get the recurring commission as long as the membership lasts. A two tier commission plan is always better than only first level commissions.

*The Sales Page* Please pay close attention to the professionalism of the website. Is it created carefully and almost in a perfect way or gives it the impression to be put together within half an hour and with the assistance of a web page helper program? Does it read smoothly, keeping you interested down to the payment button? Does it convince you to trust the product and the vendor, so you would pay for the product right away?

*Information* Do you get all the information you need to satisfy your questions? If you cannot find a lot of free available information, articles and reports by searching for the niche keywords, then you probably have found a good product to market as an affiliate. That means people are willing to pay for the information and this is a good starting point. Check out the websites of similar products to compare and build your opinion.

*Affiliate Resources* Check out whether the product owner supplies you with articles, graphics, free reports, email, solo and ezine ads, readymade blog content, signature ads for forums and much other information. Then you are likely to get a good start in your affiliate marketing for this product. Even better, if you receive pre-selected key words, videos and maybe a life affiliate support too.

*Leaking Links* Take the time to check every link within the website to make sure that your affiliate link appears in every one. Also, there should be only one payment processor as otherwise it's a great possibility that the vendor gets your sale. If the product owner collects email addresses on a squeeze page, sign up there and make sure that also after the sign up your affiliate ID is still in tact.

*Longevity* Your main goal should be to choose a niche where you do the excellent and time consuming research only once, then let it run on autopilot and earn money from it for years to come.

2)  Guaranteed Free Traffic System
You already are aware that traffic is the most important factor for success besides building your list. To definitively solve this traffic problem every marketer faces, I can recommend you a way to generate tens of thousands of focussed and motivated buyers.

It is a fact: if you cannot find enough traffic, you just will not make an income. And that is the main reason, why you must master traffic generation extremely well. Only then your online business starts to grow fast and effectively.

This "Guaranteed Free Traffic System" is by far one of the best valued guides I have bought recently. It is a 120 page eBook fully packed with dozens of methods to get traffic with really ZERO out-of-pocket cost. And if you consider the low price tag of only $27, the discussed free traffic methods will pay you back this small investment in a very short time.

If you want a great resource to assist you in generating a high traffic volume and if you are prepared to put in some working hours for your future success, then this "Guaranteed Free Traffic System" is exactly what you should consider using. For sure, it will become your best manual and return you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

3)  The Niche Marketing Checklist
After you have successfully chosen your niche and the right affiliate product, you need to get your promotion and marketing plan ready. This can be quite a task and often, you may not know how and where to start. Even I need to jot down my path on the white board in order not to get lost somewhere.

Below is a small checklist to help you stay on track and get the routine, all with free available tools:

*Keyword Research* This is the most important part and you must invest the time to find the right keywords people type into the search engines. To find the keywords, you need a tool like Wordtracker, Google Kdeywors, PPC Webspy or Keyword Spy. A paid but extremly perfect tool is Keyword Research Pro.

Once you have gathered your preferred keywords, go to an article directory like Warrior Articles, Ezinearticles ore GoArticles. Type in the main keyword or phrase of your niche and several articles related to this keyword will certainly pop up.

Just look for the keywords the authors use in their articles. Right click somewhere in the article, choose "review source code" and you can see the keywords they used. Take note of them and enter each one into your keyword tracker to find out how many times these words are searched for per day. Then go to Google, put in the same keywords using quotation marks, and you will get the amount of web pages competing for this key word.

If the keyword is searched for about more than 200 times per day and a the same time there are not too many sites competing at Google, then you might have done a good selection. This will allow you to get ranked high fast and therefore get more traffic and possible sales.

*Site ranking and Adwords* Check the amount of websites showing up without using the quotation marks. Now look what kind of sites have a high ranking, how many Adwords Campaigns are run and how many competing sites show up.

*Linkexchange and Competition* Take the highest ranking sites and check the amount of back links they receive and from where these links are coming in. For this research you can use the Yahoo Site Explorer. You only need a free Yahoo account as you must be logged in. If the site has many inside links coming from their own other sites, this is a good sign and means not too much competition. Do this procedure for the next 5-10 sites ranked by Google on the first page and do it also for each keyword you have chosen for your niche. The less back links from outside the better for you to attack their position and get ranked higher.

*Creating content for your niche* Now is the moment to start writing your articles about the product of your niche and submit them to the various article directories, publish them on your website or blog, just everywhere you find appropriate. You need to write several articles in different wording to make them unique, about 600 to 1000 words per article. Use shorter snippets as ads and for your website or blog.

If you need ideas about what problems people are searching for solutions, go to Google hot trends or Yahoo Answers and look for searches related to your keywords.
At Yahoo Answers type in your keywords and see what kind of questions people ask. You even can answer them, giving your product link if you really can help. Otherwise take the ideas and write your article around the question phrases. You can also use PLR content but you must rewrite it totally in your words to be unique still.

*Free Traffic*
You need to publish your different articles on free sites like

- Squidoo
- Blogger
- Worpress Blog
- HubPages

Further use social networking sites such as Stumbleupon and Digg. Also Twitter, Facebook, Flikr and many other social sites will bring you traffic. Always link back to your own site and vice versa to your Squidoo and other sites.

Every time you add content to your website, blog, Squidoo, etc. go to Pingomatic or PinGoat, enter your URL and RSS feed in order to tell the search engines that there are some news to be crawled. This will improve your ranking fast. Good and free pings at Pingomatic and PinGoat.

*Follow up* Now that you have done all the work, check carefully how  your traffic builds up and from where you get the best results. Monitor, track and refine your keywords and articles. This should also result in some first sales. Once you have earned some money back for your work, consider to automate your process and try to outsource some of the time consuming tasks.

4) Recommended Resources
Bookmark my RSS Feed of Martin Bigler’s Blog

Clickbank Market Place and Clickbank Search Engine

Guaranteed Free Traffic System

PPC Webspy, Keyword Research Pro and Keyword Spy

Pingomatic and PinGoat as well as Google hot trends or Yahoo Answers and Yahoo Site Explorer

Article Directories:  Warrior Articles, Ezinearticles ore GoArticles


5)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe
I hope that I have chosen the right themes in this newsletter to help you to
get ready to receive much more traffic and from that many more sales. Your comments or questions are welcome. Please write a post at my Blog.

For the Past Issues, please Click Here!

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe here.

Thanks for reading 

Martin Bigler


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