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The Educational Newsletter No 13

The Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Get the Biggest Buzz to Your Website
2)  Fast Writing Quick Tips
3)  List Building With Wordpress Blogs
4)  Recommended Resources
5)  Past Issues and how to Subscribe

1) Get the Biggest Buzz to Your Website

With copywriting, word choice can often mean the difference between a potential sale and an actual sale. 

The influence of words can actually trigger different subconscious reactions from your readers, which might actually prompt them to buy your product faster than a long pitch about the benefits of a product. The fact is that with the right words to tap into your potential buyer’s subconscious, you’ll get the response you want. 

Buzz words are the key factor to get such results. If you can use the right words to elicit a response, you most probably get a high motivated buyer.

Let’s take a look at some of the big buzz words you can use in your sales copy.

1. You – The Magic for People
You know that people want to think about what’s in it for them, so tell them in detail what they want to hear. Using the word “You” directly puts your reader right at the centre of the attention.

2. Discount/Savings/Bonuses
Who doesn’t love to save money? In fact, with today's unsure economy, that is a complete necessity. So if you can pitch that, people will come running for a bargain. Sweeten everything with some additional bonuses (audios, videos, reports or ebooks) but definitively avoid offering old stuff. Be creative and unique and use PLR sources to create cool bonuses.

3. Free Stuff
Everyone is all about the price of “Free.” Seriously though, if you can have something for free, you would rather have that than nothing at all. Besides, if you know that there is a free offer, you will at least look before saying no.

4. A Compelling Guarantee
Wow, look at that. You used one word to tell people that they have nothing to fear because you are ensuring them of your legitimacy.

5. Risk Free
The fact is that there are more than thousands of Scams out there trying to take your money over the Internet than ever before. If you can, seriously reassure your reader that they can trust you with no risk to themselves.

6. New
Everyone wants to “Keep up with the Joneses”, meaning that they still want the newest and most popular thing. They trust the media that tells them it’s new. But be honest!

7. Fast/Easy/Simple
Looking at our society, it’s easy to tell that we like convenience. We like luxury. We basically like not having to do anything that we don’t have to. So, if we can have something come along that makes solving a particular problem easy or fast, we’re going to look for it.

There you have it. Seven simple words that are going to set off a subconscious response from your audience that will encourage your sales! Click here for still more Copywriting tips.

2) Fast Writing Quick Tips

Sometimes, articles just don’t seem to go very fast. Even if you want to write your 500-word article in 10 minutes, chances are that won’t always happen due to disturbances or bad mood. 

There are a few ways that you can speed up your writing process, depending on how much time you have available. 

Copywriting normally has a very quick turnaround, and blogs for example require daily care, articles must be written about two times a week, etc. 

That's why you want to be able to write quickly, interesting and to the point. Twenty minutes for a 500 word article is probably the most time you want to spend. 

Here are a few ways to make it go faster:

1. If you have the time to brainstorm on ideas, do so in list form or some sort of organized chaos, as it were. Once you have enough ideas and the time to actually rough out your main idea, you can then go about narrowing down your article.

Sometimes you’ll have ideas that don’t quite work with the rest of your article, or sometimes you have something that, while good, isn’t going to flow. Either way, a brainstorming session can be an easy way to get started.

2. Don’t try to wait and use your good ideas later. If you have your best ideas, then use them in your current article and restart the brainstorming process next time around. Your best ideas will always be easier to write than your “good” ones.

3. Warm up when you write. It may sound crazy, but just by starting to free write for a few minutes, it makes ideas easier to flow later on. Like many things, once you get started, it’s easier to continue. So cut your teeth on some free writing and not your actual article.

4. Leave your work alone. Write as much as you can in the first five or ten minutes, then walk away. Come back a little later and you might find that whatever writer’s block you had is long gone now. Don’t do this if you’re on a roll, though, because you don’t want to mess yourself up.

5. The reason you shouldn’t stop writing when you’re on a roll is because if you write three or four different articles simultaneously, you might find that you’re coming out with much more material for the same amount of time. 

After five minutes of work in one piece, switch to another and then switch again, giving you the opportunity for more growth.

6. Finally, do what I’m doing right now. Use numbers or bullets to help clearly distinguish between points and allow you a chance to stay on topic and breaking down the different ideas easier. Check out the Video Tutorial for more tips!

OK, take a breath and let go. Happy writing!


3) List Building with Wordpress Blogs

Wordpress provides you endless possibilities to cover and design up your blog in order to attract visitors. There are thousands of free design templates and plugins available.

WP Blogs are a great tool to gather visitors through SEO optimized content. As your content is built mainly in PHP language which is also open source, you are allowed to modify each and everything inside your blog webpage.

Here are 5 tips to improve list building using WP Blogs:

  • Make sure that the content you post on the blog is SEO optimized. You can also install SEO Pressor, a plug-in which is very effective in tracking your SEO as you create your post. Once installed on your word-press blog, this plug-in will determine how well your post scores for SEO and will also track keyword density. It will help you to optimize SEO and generate traffic to your site, which will help you to generate leads and sales.
  • Posting links or back links may also improve your blog’s ranking and hence optimize traffic to your website. Write comments on other blogs and leave a link back to your own blog site or a certain post you like to promote. Take every chance to leave your blog URL on other websites.
  • You can also add popup windows to your blogs and ask for visitors’ emails I order to build your lists. Further use widgets, Adsense or other advertisment. I personally use CB Ad Rotator which works like Adsense but uses Clickbank products which leave you up to 75 % of Affiliate commissions. 
  • And off course you need to install a sign-up box right on top of your blog. As a teaser to sign up offer a free e-course, report or how to videos. Once you have gathered the subscriber, you can follow up with good and useful email marketing from your autoresponder. 
  • Write some personal stuff and also offer reviews on affiliate products you want to endorse. If you feel that not very easy to do - don't give up - there are tools you can use. I suggest to look at Cash Blogging or at Platinum Resell Rights which both offer tons of exclusive and useful content for your blogs.

4) Recommended Resources

How to write best Killer Sales Letters and the famous Sales Letter ABC

The Sales Letter Factory

Free Report: The Copy Writing Formula

Article Writing 4 Newbies

Get up to 75 % Affiliate Commissions with CB Ad Rotator!

Cash Blogging and Platinum Resell Rights

SEO Pressor for best SE Results.

5) Past Issues and how to Subscribe

To make it easier for you to get all my past issues, I have put the links on a separate website from where you can download all the issues you prefer.

Click here for easy access to the Past Issues of the Educational Newsletter.

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Martin Bigler



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