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The Educational Newsletter No 12

The Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Follow Up Last Issue
2)  How to Prepare, Write and Market Your Ebook
3)  How to Write Good Copy
4)  Today's Article Writing Tip no 7 
5)  Recommended Resources
6)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1)  Follow Up Last Issue

At the moment, I am very busy collecting and evaluating thoughts and content for a new eBook. I do not know the title and the exact final look yet, it has to grow...

My Martin Bigler's Blog is a good place for a lot of helpful tips and information. Over the years, it has grown into a nice, small wallet of posts on different themes. Most of the time I write about things I am just working on or which I came across while searching content for my books and other online activity. You can follow my Blog posts also as RSS-Feed.

The last time, we started with Part 1 on "How to Write an Ebook" and got already some ideas, notes and maybe a first written draft. Do not lose time to correct or do the fine tuning. This comes later. But go on with collecting information as much as you can.

Sources are the major Search Engines, Clickbank, Paydotcom, Amazon and Article directories like EzineArticlesGoArticles, The Warrior Forum, etc.

Maybe you have signed up for some RSS-Feeds too in the meantime. I would be pleased if you also link to my BLOG, in order to be informed immediately when I write a post.

Article writing should now have become a weekly routine. If you are behind like me, speed up and do two articles instead of one. Do not forget to write seriously about anything you are an expert in. If you have an affiliate program you can recommend, write an article around this theme and put your affiliate link into the text.

2)  How to Prepare, Write and Market Your Ebook 


Instead of writing all by yourself, I recommend reading an excellent eBook about the whole process. Below I give you also the links to

 "How To Write An Ebook" 


"Super Fast Product Creation"

Even if you are already familiar with eBook writing, I think these two guides will give you many more hints, ideas and best advice to perfect your knowledge.

If you are at the stage of thinking to create your own product (you absolutely must do it!), then stop struggling or hesitating. Get this "Beginners Guide" now and start your work, this will be one of the most important eBooks you have ever read...

Here are some main points of what's inside:

* How to select your niche
* How to find out exactly what people want
* Knowing where the dollars are
* What format your eBook should be in
* How to make your product sell
* How to package your digital product
* How to set up your shop
* Which tools to use
* How to attract customers to your website
* Where to submit your eBook
* And much more...

You even get a full sample of a Website Template you can copy and paste into your HTML editor and modify it to fit your own product easy and in a very short time.

3)  How to Write Good Copy

Since I am also still learning how to write the best website, I thought you might be in the same situation. A good tip is to search for well performing products and then check out the websites for their wording and layout. 

Take a look at my Coywriting Ebook Store which offers a comprehensive selection of top products. You will get a lot of cool ideas.

There are lots of people who know how to put but up a website but do not know how to write their sales letter copy in the best way to excite their visitors enough to make them buy something immediately.

Writing sales letters is much different than writing corporate web sites and brochures. It is far more personal and with a direct approach to your visitor and reader.

There are proven tactics that work. If you have already the perfect sales letter, OK. But have a second look, are you happy with it? Satisfied? Is it working properly and with excellent conversion for you?

Did you think about all these factors:

* How to get Copywriting Clients
* Swipe File of Headlines
* How to earn a living as a Writer
* Profitable Online Advertising
* Keywords and Search Engine Copywriting Techniques
* A top Guide to Writing Killer Copy
* A SEO Copywriting Course
* How to Write Faster and Smarter
* and more...

You can always get better, and it doesn't have to cost a lot either. There are some good resources for improving your web copy!

One eBook I can recommend and which helped me a lot is 

Sales Letter ABC by Randy Smith

Randy even offers to check your website and makes suggestions.

You will learn from experts and avoid making costly errors. Start writing your copy better - good enough to sell much more.

4)  Today's Article Writing no 7

I hope you are well on the way with writing your own articles and taking ideas from the various sources like Article Directories, Newsletters and your own inspiration. For easy reference, I list two very good and content rich sites from which you can get a lot of brand new themes. 

Simply PLR  and PLR Monthly

Two of the best online PLR Content and Article Marketing Providers. Here you get professionally written eBooks and unique articles, ready for spinning. Each month fresh and based on well researched niche topics.

With this I will end the Article Tip Series now.


5) Recommended Resources

"How To Write An Ebook"  

"Super Fast Product Creation"

"Articles 4 Newbies Videos"

"Pdf domination" - Also one of my favourites to learn from.

And if you want to write your own eBook from scratch, then check up this great step-by-step book. On over 100 pages you really get the best advice on How to Write and Publish Your Own Ebook, in as little as 7 Days...

6)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

To make it easier for you to get all my past issues, I have put the links on a separate website from where you can download all the issues you prefer.

Click here for easy access to the Past Issues of the Educational Newsletter.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my main website www.MartinBigler.com or my Blog.

Martin Bigler





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