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The Educational Newsletter No 11

The Themes of this Newsletter
1)  Follow Up Last Issue
2)  How to Prepare, Write and Market Your Ebook

3)  What is RSS?
4)  Today's Article Writing Tip no 6
5)  Recommended Resources
6)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe


1)  Follow Up Last Issue

In my last issue I gave you a short introduction about all you need to know about PLR-Products, some sources and a list of dot point ideas what you can do with your PLR products. Now we will look at how to use these PLR eBooks to create your own digital products you can sell with profit and as your own.

2)  How to Prepare, Write & Market Your Ebook


To write an eBook, you basically have two main options to approach this task:

use PLR-Products, improve and mix them with your own information and ideas, create a new title and cover, sell them as your own, put your links into it, offer Resale Rights, create a Website and a Splash Page, etc.

use the knowledge you have inside of YOU! There is plenty, but you just might not be aware of it, i.e. hobbies, skills from your profession, special experiences you may have encountered and how you tackled them positively, knowledge sources in your friends circle for interviews, and more. Just reflect what kind of stories, information or special things you are emotional about and which you would tell to a special friend or teach to somebody. Do you have some ideas already? Fine!

So let me start with the basics you need to prepare or think of:

How to create ideas?
To create your own product, you need hot ideas that are selling and which people are interested in to learn about. Here are a few anchors to start with:

Check out...
TV, News, Magazines, etc., to find out what's 
brand new, stirring and moving people. This is not difficult; you probably do it already every day. But now do it with the  goal to filter out what you like, find interesting and write it down for later use.

Go to...
a real Book shop; check on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or 
in your Library which physical books are selling best. For sure you will find something you can use for your later

Then scroll down a bit…
to "Features & Services" (left side), under "Amazon Exclusives" click "Amazon Bestsellers". Enjoy the list, make notes, even buy an interesting product to do a review in an Article or Report.

Look at the most searched Keywords.

What are the top phrases and key words...
for help, fun, learning, whatever you may think of? Use the Keywords as a starting point to write articles or reports, related to the topics people search for. Provide solutions that answer the questions of their search query.

For some useful Keyword Tools you can refer back to the last newsletter here.

Remember that the most popular topics are also those with the most competition. Therefore, you better focus on the lower level, maybe the 50th to 200th most popular keywords or phrases you found. You must try a little bit and if you start getting results, refine and tune further until you see an improvement.

Get some Ideas here...

Reseller Ebooks and Tools

3) What is RSS?

If you are not yet using RSS to keep yourself up to date with the best content on the web, then you should start today! You will never have to check your favourite sites manually every day. Once you start subscribing to your preferred RSS feeds, you will be informed just in time the news occur and it will safe you a lot of valuable time you can better use to follow your important business tasks.

I have done some research on RSS and put together this short information in order to help you get it set up fast and without much effort. See below for the download links. If you want the full story about RSS from Wikipedia or get some great eBooks for intensive use as a marketer.

I recommend downloading the free GOOGLE READER which constantly checks your favourite news sites and blogs for new content. Whether a site updates daily or monthly, you are informed instantly.

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication" and it is a content delivery channel that allows you to easily deliver internet content to your target audiences, while eliminating short comings of delivery channels, such as e-mail. RSS content is delivered through RSS feeds, i.e. simple files structured in [xml] format which enables internet content publishers to easily deliver information about their specific content to end-users.

In a way, this can be best compared to e-mail content alert services, which send you an e-mail message every time content you are interested in is published on a specific web site, letting you know that a new article you are interested in is available on the Web.

You certainly notice these square orange buttons with the white point and 2 white stripes. These buttons are found almost on every blog and other interactive sites. How do you start using feeds? 

You need a "news reader, a piece of software that checks the feeds and lets you read any new article that has been added.

You can subscribe to the RSS-feeds of my Blog here.

The main two versions are accessed using a browser (like Firefox) or downloadable applications that lets you store content on your computer. The browser version is far enough for the beginning and to stay top informed.

How to get started?

Download a free RSS Reader first at Google Reader, the Windows-RSS Reader or at Mac-NetNewsWire.

Once you are set up, Right-Click (control-click for Mac users) on any orange RSS button on a site, blog or news source that interests you. Then select Copy Shortcut ("Copy Link to Clipboard" for Mac,“ Copy Link Location" for Firefox browsers) and paste that URL into your RSS Reader. 

Done and you are subscribed to get alerts every time new content or information is available.

4)  Today's Article Writing Tip no 6

Do a Keyword Search to get ideas for hot and in demand questions people put into the search engines. Collect some interesting keywords and phrases you like best.

Then go to Clickbank and look for good products around these Keywords. Next copy and paste the best sentences and dot point statements from the webpage to your word processor. Use your own imagination and eventually PLR content you have sitting on your Desktop and rewrite the whole text in your own words. Your Article should be 500 to 800 words long.

Do not forget the Resource Box and, besides your own website link, also put in one or two affiliate links from the products you found on Clickbank and you have used the text segments.

Then submit it to several directories and put also a link to your article on your website or blog. That should work nicely and bring you traffic, even some affiliate income, but the most important thing is, you build up a growing archive over the time.

5) Recommended Resources

Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS (550 Pages, Videos, etc.)

RSS Definition by Wikipedia

6)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

My today's Newsletter became a bit long but I felt to give all the information I feel is really important. And when you read through till here, I am pleased and hope that my content gave you some useful hints and ideas.

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my main website MartinBigler.com or my Blog at www.martinbiglerblog.com.

To refer back to the Past Issues click here.

Now, please look forward to Ebook Writing PART TWO soon...

Martin Bigler


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