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The Educational Newsletter No 9

I hope you are well motivated besides the all negative economic environment which surrounds us. Just do not let you tear down! Let me share some positive thoughts with you.

The themes of this Newsletter
1)  Follow Up Last Issue
2)  Positive Thoughts In Tough Times
3)  Today’s Article Writing Tip no 4
4)  Past Issues and How to Subscribe

1)  Follow Up Last Issue

Besides Article writing, my own distraction was the lead theme of the last issue. I hope you could profit from my faults and got some motivation to getting sorted out your desktop or working place too. I am still very comfortable.

2)  Positive Thoughts In Tough Times

Let’s dive right into my thoughts about today’s economic environment with this motivation:

- I have more than enough energy to face anything today.
- I am full of excitement for this life and its opportunities.
- I am strong, fit and healthy.
- I convince my mind that I have bags of energy and my 
  body will respond by actually providing it!

How are people reacting when they feel the economic uncertainty?

As usual: with more stress, keeping their money in the pocket, mourning with others, searching for hope and warmth. Business owners tend to trim their expenses, make survival plans, do not take all the risks, etc.

Wait! Is everything really so negative? Do we need to follow the them? 

NO – Let’s seek for the OPPORTUNITIES! 

But what are they?

Here is what I think you should eagerly try to do:

- Get up with a positive thought every morning.
- Set your goals with a positive attitude (divide them into
  smaller, attainable goals to control your progress)
- Motivate yourself to be a leader.
- If your (positive) actions inspire others to dream more, 
  learn more, do more and become more, YOU are a leader.

For your business or other important tasks this means:

- You need to market YOUR business now more than ever.
- Make your customers and subscribers offers they just can't  
- Engage in your target market with special offers and incentive

Expand your options in tough times and give your visitors more options! Be empathetic, care for your customers, support them, communicate in a positive way. Surpass those waiting to sit out the crisis and take some risk, grow your business.

Beat the market and offer a wider selection of products and services to your customers and website visitors. Keep a top selection of viable products at their disposal. Be a clever affiliate marketer and expand your product line. Find excellent programs and products which are related to your topics and integrate them into your offers.

Conclusion? Be an optimist, take the risk, stay positive and most important – DO IT!

Get some more input on how to structure and write a good sales copy in this 23 page eBook

“30 Tips To Maximum Conversion Rates”
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3)  Today’s Article Writing Tip no 4

Here is my next tip and please ask yourself the following question:

“Does my article title entice the reader to ask a question”?
For example: 

Why?, How?, Who?, Where? When?, etc.

After reading your article title, a question should appear in the reader’s mind. It is your job to deliver the answer to that question in the body of your article. This is powerful because you engage the reader, shift him from a passive to an active state, leading him more likely to find value in the content and visit your website.

Do not be afraid to put up several questions. Questions act like a personal coaching. But avoid shocking questions, be creative and interesting with your article and answers instead. Also do not promise too much. Be specific, to the point and deliver in full what you promised in the title. Make sure that your readers will feel absolutely satisfied to their expectations after having read the article. Do some keyword research to fine tune your content.

If you want great advice from one of the most successful article marketers on the Internet, you should get your hands on "Article Marketing Domination" right now. Josh Spaulding reveals in this eBook the exact technique he uses in order to conquer just about every niche he touches.

"Article Marketing Domination"
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Josh’s eBook is the most popular product on the subject of Article Marketing on the market, and for good reason, it simply WORKS! 

He explains exactly how to craft a traffic pulling article, from the title to the signature and he puts to rest many of the common misconceptions associated with article marketing.

4)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my main website MartinBigler.com.

Get back to the Past Issues here...

I sincerely hope that you got some positive motivation and that you are able to turn the negative economic mood to your success.

Please look forward to the next issue to come soon....

Martin Bigler



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