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The Educational Newsletter No 8
In this Newsletter I have to tell you how I got distracted....

1)  Introduction and Follow Up

2)  Do you also get distracted?
3)  Today's Article Writing Tip no 3
4)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

1)  Introduction and Follow Up

Last time we covered on how to profit from eBooks and how to rebrand your articles, reports and eBooks to generate viral profits from the links contained in these publications. 

Hopefully, you got well on the way and have tried out some brandings and loaded up the products, you have created. If you still need good ideas and tools, get these 

"FREE Resell Right Power Seller Tips & Products"

2)  Do you also get distracted?

The last days, I was very busy writing articles and publishing them at directories. Going through my Desktop Inventory and searching for new ideas, I found many good eBooks, Reports and other content I had stored some time ago but not used or forgotten about...

It was a DISASTER!

To catch up my backlog, I had to work the whole weekend, going through this bunch of products, eBooks and other information I had collected (and often paid for!) over the time. Sort out, delete or put my printed reminders into trash or the example file.

The remaining items were sorted by niches and categories, put in files such as "Article Writing", "Website Design", "Clickbank Affiliate" and so on. 

I also made a separate file for my favourite mentors I learn from. Finally I made an Excel sheet, prioritised all the content and ideas I wanted to keep.

Next, I draw a working plan at my white board for the next 3-4 weeks and set some key stones for later action.

WOW, I feel good!

With a clear vision and working plan to go, I am now sure to achieve my goals much better and without all the distractions I had in the past...

I also promised to myself not to look at new things until I have done and achieved my set goals. For sure I need a lot of patience and energy to keep me on track. 

Still, I must work on this very hard!

After restoring "law and order" again, the rest was easy:

- cross read information that I want to use
- mark or cut out text segments for rewriting
- a list of topics which came to my mind during the sorting work
- further, research for ideas and text samples
- writing the articles in my words and upload them to the   

3)  Today's Article Writing Tip no 3

You can read the first tip and the second tip in the last newsletters if you missed them. And here is my tip #3:

Once you have written your articles, you need to get them read by as many people as possible. These are two ideas on how to get traffic to your articles:

Put small text sequences on your Blog daily and include a link direct to your articles. Invite your visitors to comment and put their own content to your Blog. This creates valuable back links and the search engines love this. Your ranking goes up. Make sure to use good keywords smoothly thrown into the text.

Reciprocal Linking
This is where you find another site that has been build around a similar topic as yours. Sometimes sites directly offer back linking and the small HTML snippet to put on your site. 

Otherwise contact the webmaster of the site you would like to link to. Chances are great that he will accept since his site gets additional traffic too. It's a win/win situation.

There are also link exchange services that automate the process and send new links to your website every 24 hours. I suggest you check this free and very efficient link builder at Linkserp.

Below are examples of my recent articles I published at EzineArticles.They give you a link which leads directly to your article and you can promote this link, creating additional traffic. Feel free to copy them for your blog or website. But please publish my resource box with my copyright too. Thanks.

Build And Understand Squeeze Pages Easy In 5 Minutes

The Top Down Six Most Important Income Tools To Consider
as an Affiliate.

4)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my homepage at my main website MartinBigler.com.

Follow up on the past issues here: 

Download the Past Issues

I hope you too got some motivation to clear up your desktop and files to take profit from all the resources you have accumulated over the time....

I wish you good luck and the best positive mood to start. 

Martin Bigler 



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