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The Educational Newsletter No 7

In this newsletter you will read
1)  Introduction and Follow Up
2)  How To Profit From Ebooks
3)  Today’s Article Writing Tip
4)  How To Rebrand Articles, Reports And eBooks For Viral Profits?
5)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

1)  Introduction and Follow Up

Are you also worried by all these bad news you hear these days?

It’s time for decisions, our own decisions!

The only help comes from yourself and it is most important that you follow your action plan very seriously. This is the sole way to get moved forward positively and to achieve the goals you have set. Do not let tear you down by all the pessimism, stick to your dreams and realise them – start now and hold through!

The result will be in the short future and you will be a winner, for sure!

We already covered MYKS ("Make Your Knowledge Sell"), confirming that YOU can write a profitable eBook. Did you download the tutorial?

Today we will cover eBooks and how to get into profit with them. So let’s start immediately!

2)  How To Profit From Ebooks

Some simple thoughts:

- from reading them
- from taking action what you read
- from transforming them to your own content, using PLR
- from selling them and keeping 100 % profit
- from breaking them into reports and articles
- from re-branding and inserting your own affiliate links
- from writing your own eBook
- from promoting them as much as possible
- from your own ideas and creativity…

The easiest way is, to buy a membership in a good PLR site and get monthly or weekly fresh and professionally written content in hot niches. I will not cover this since there are many good sites out there and everyone has his own ideas about niches, products and promotions.

You can do a search with “plr” at my CBmall Storefront and you will get more than 7 pages of excellent and to the point products about PLR. I suggest to save this URL to your favourites so you can come back later on for other product related searches.

I also invite you to download “The PLR Process”, a free 79 page eBook and tutorial covering all aspects of Private Label Rights. Please allow 1-2 minutes to download the 11 MB (it’s a big direct zip-file). For ready made monthly Top PLR Product also look here!

Here is a great free report to learn more about successful Ebook  writing:

How to Write an Ebook Fast in 5 Days

 3)  Today’s Article Writing Tip #2

You can read tip no. 1 in the last newsletter if you missed it. And here is my next tip:

Reciprocal linking is a great way to get traffic and better search engine rankings. Find another site which deals around your niche, product range and similar topics. You then contact the site owner or webmaster and ask if they would like to put a link to your site in exchange for a your link to their website. I use a cool free tool which automates randomly the back links to your website every 24 hours. It works great for me and you can test it for free here.

Another possibility are link exchange services and directories that will help you to find similar websites to exchange links with you. Do a search for “link exchange” and you will find several options to choose from. Try it out, you will be astonished how fast your ranking and visitors will improve. That means more eyes directly on your website and if only some click to your affiliate links or whatever you offer…


4)  How To Rebrand Articles, Reports And eBooks  
     For Viral Profits?

When using and rewriting PLR products, you must think right from the beginning about creating multiple income streams, which should run on autopilot, once they are set up.

That sounds great, doesn't it?

This is exactly when you rebrand an eBook. You can then market your own Affiliate Links for profit. If you give your branded eBook away for free, people will distribute it if they are going to receive some incentives such as freebies, video tutorials or games. You need to promote affiliate programs that are most relevant to your eBook however.

Next, is the setting up of a website for its promotion; it is generally only a single web page with some teaser text, a promise for a gift and a sign up box to capture the lead. Check some samples by searching Clickbank for similar topics that you are offering. The main goal is that the visitors of your landing page should find your eBook interesting enough to download it immediately.

Inside the eBook, you tell the customers that you are willing to give away the rebrand rights on condition that they buy your product. So they can rebrand some of the affiliate links but also some of your links will remain intact inside the eBook. You decide which links are re-brandable.

To easy turn it into a PDF file and offer the Re-branding Tool, check these links for further information and instructions

PDF Rebrander Software (very useful!)

PDF Domination 

and Easy Squeezepage Traffic Videos.

Download PDF995 - The Pdf995 Suite offers the following features: PDF 995 - PDF Creation - PDF conversion. All at no cost.

5)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

If you like my Newsletter please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my homepage at my main website MartinBigler.com.

If you want to look back at the past issues, you can 

Download them Here

I sincerely hope that you get good profit out of my suggestions and ideas. Please look forward to the next Article Writing Tip and more on eBooks...

Best success in going forward and sticking to your business plan!

Martin Bigler 


Please also follow me on Twitter and Facebook, Thanks. 


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