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The Educational Newsletter No 6

In this newsletter you will read
1)  Introduction and Follow Up
2)  Tracking
3)  Articles Again - A Series of Tips
4)  Ready Made, Content Rich Websites
5)  Super Affiliate Marketing
6)  The 5 Critical Tools...
7)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

1)  Introduction and Follow Up

Time flies, I enjoyed a wonderful, sunny weekend. We have a nice lake here and a biking tour around takes some 3 ½ hours. With some fish and chips, the family day was really great and relaxing. 

Now back to reality....

What have you achieved since my last Newsletter? I would like to hear your short story and I will gladly publish your testimonial on my website (if you allow me to, off course).

I really hope you got started with article writing and have published them already. Below I will give you some Directories to check and you could also consider a small Pay Per Click campaign. Just to test and see what response you get to the ad. Tracking will be essential.

Did you dig in to MYKS? 

Not yet?

Then consider to start reading! Make Your Knowledge Sell is an excellent source of information. 

2)  Tracking

It is absolutely essential to track everything you do. I use Pro Tracker Plus which is a great resource of information. It is free to join and it also offers a free eCourse on how to use Pro Tracker Plus. Inside there are well written tutorials too. The free version is well enough for a start. You can upgrade later if needed and if you have to manage many more campaigns...

3)  Articles Again - A Series of Tips

From today on, I will start a small series of Tips and useful Information about Article Writing. No, not 5 pages..., just short,  to the point quick tips that will help you learn exactly how you can successfully write articles that will get read and thus produce traffic to your website...

Write a popular article to a problem that the people in your target audience have. Provide them with a pregnant and to the point answer, so they can get help quickly and solve their problem.

People like solutions, a short way to get it done, fast results, something to be proud of, etc., explain it in a way that it is not too hard to achieve. Offer easy to follow steps, a good description. Make it in 3-4 dot points, motivate them, give them a link to see proof that it works, or ad a testimonial. You get the idea...

Short enough?

Here are some directories and eZines you where can submit your articles to:








And there are many, many more. Just do some Googling with "article submission".

4)  Ready Made, Content Rich Websites

To safe time and to get your own master crafted content website every month, there is a free membership I really like to recommend. You get your Own Website Business delivered to your mailbox every month with a new, content filled Website. You can start to generate an income from Google Adsense and Clickbank Products right away.

I suggest you check it out and if you like it, sign up here.

There is also an upgrade version for $ 10 per month, giving you even more possibilities to earn easy. In the upgraded version you get the full content, i.e. Website, Ebook and Articles (as PDF and Word Documents). That is a great advantage and resource of fresh content.

You only need to upload the WebPages (same as free), put in the Adsense and Clickbank Codes (same as free), brand the eBook and create a Squeeze Page to sell it, rewrite and condense the Articles in the given Word document. And voilà, your PR-Machine starts working and you can expect some nice income.

My first Clickbank check after one month as a (paid) Monthly Website Member was $ 164. Not bad!

If you need more information about Adsense and how to get up a Google Adsense Account, my recently written Article on

"How to Maximise Your Clickbank Revenue as an Affiliate"

offers a good overview. You can download the ZIP-file here.

5)  Super Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not always easy, especially when you are offering a product which is also offered through many other affiliates with the same website and promotion tools. The chance that you get a sale is almost zero. Sorry but that's the truth!

So, what can you do?

Quite easy: create an advantage for your customer that the other affiliates do not have. You need to create an INCENTIVE, some unique and exclusive reason why people should order through your affiliate link and not one of your competitors.

Offer them exclusively one or your own products, something which is of high value and not easy to get, give them two great products for the same price as one, etc.

Again, create an advantage they cannot withstand, something that convinces people to buy from you. That should be your plan to put into action right now:

- Create an exclusive, high quality incentive to get the
  visitors attention
- Create a bonus page with a compelling sales letter for
  your offer
- Drive traffic to your bonus page and watch your sales
  commissions grow

The easiest way to create an incentive is to use PLR Products. Find a product with private label rights, ad your own wording and character, give it away as bonus.

To increase the value, chose a product that compliments the one you are promoting. Use a new cover graphic for the give away product to make it look new and finally write a mini sales letter, i.e. in a squeeze page template. Remember TEtoolbox? 

6)  The 5 Critical Tools...

….for a Successful Affiliate Business.

The smart Affiliate Marketer creates a plan and implements every action according to that plan. You can increase your chances of success and earning potential by making sure that you are using the right tools in your affiliate marketing business.

What are those tools?

- Your Own Website
Your Autoresponder Account
- Your Squeeze Page
- Offers To Send To Your List
- Traffic

7)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

If you like my Newsletter, please forward it and invite your friends and business partners to subscribe at my homepage martinbigler.com.

You can refer to the Past Issues here...

Download Past Issues

I really like to write for you and sincerely hope that you get good profit out of my suggestions and ideas.  Please look forward to the next Article Writing Tip and more...

Enjoy and start living your dream!

Martin Bigler



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