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The Educational Newsletter No 5

In this newsletter you will read
1)  Introduction and Follow Up
2)  Writing Articles – How To Do
3)  Traffic Exchanges Explained
4)  Ebooks – How To “Make Your Knowledge Sell”
5)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

1)  Introduction and Follow Up

I am pleased to have you as my reader for this new issue of the Educational Martin Bigler Newsletter today. . Thank you for reading and following my ideas and advise. For the past issues do download and safe or re-reading, please see under 5) below.

Last time I wrote about overcoming distractions and how difficult it is to stick to a plan, the won ideas, get started to do it and how to keep focussed. If you are seriously building your online business, you at least have had some thoughts on how to organise yourself and you have put your ideas to paper already. That is the point to start today and get your marked first priority done now.

If you looked at the PushButtonHealth re-opening web page, you could see how effective and lucrative this fitness and health niche is. I am not sure whether they still have some spots left to join. Here is the link again. Just in case you might be lucky to still get in. 

Until now you should also have taken action and chosen your Clickbank products to market as an Affiliate through your very own Lead Capture Page, as explained in an earlier Newsletter which you can .

2) Writing Articles – How To Do

Sharing your knowledge on the web is a very powerful way to establish your online presence and credibility. First, you write a thoughtful and informative article on a topic in your area of expertise. Then you submit it to Article Directories (e-zines) to be read by the general public and possibly re-published on other web sites.

At the end of your article is a resource box containing your name, a brief promotional message and a link to your web site. Webmasters who wish to reprint your article on their sites are required to include your resource box along with any live links to your site.

This is the Resource Box I use for my own Articles:

      Martin Bigler offers Resources, Tools and Educational Content to
      help interested people build their internet business successfully
      through http://www.martinbigler.com, his Newsletter and Blog.

The benefit that you get from your article is two-fold.

- Your article will be read by visitors to the e-zine site. If they find it
  helpful and interesting, they will likely visit your web site to see
  what else you had to offer.

- Webmasters who find your article useful to their visitors may re-publish
  it on their sites,  giving your article additional exposure.

Every time your article is re-published on a web site, you gain an additional one-way link to your site through the live link in your resource box. This adds to your link popularity and ultimately increases your search engine rankings.  As you can see, the true potential of your article lies in its ability to propagate virally in cyberspace.

Keep in mind that your goal is hold your readers' attention long enough for them to get to the  resource box.  If your article is boring and uninformative, few people will read it beyond the first or second paragraph.

These are the main points to consider when writing an article:

1. Give your article a catchy title
 Your title is the first and often the only thing that visitors see. Put some thought into coming up with a title that grabs the reader's attention right away. Words like "Secrets", "Free", and "Successful" tend to attract more attention than others.

2. Your article should not read like an ad
What benefits does your reader want to get out of an article?  Cater to your reader's interests rather than your own.

3. Offer lots of free, useful information
Keep in mind that your readers are looking for specific "how-to" instructions to help them achieve a certain goal.  Offer lots of tangible information that is immediately useful to them..

4) Be succinct
Get to the point quickly, preferably in the first or second paragraph. Avoid lengthy paragraphs. Use lots of white space to separate your paragraphs to make them easier to read.

5) Your article should not be too short
If your article is too short, however, some webmasters may feel hesitant to reprint it on their sites. They may, instead, borrow your ideas and write their own article, gaining authorship without having to give you credit for your ideas. I suggest to write at least 800 words, preferably longer.  Longer articles give webmasters the impression that you have put some thought and effort into your work and, thus, are deserving of publicity on their sites.

6) Use clickable links in your resource box
Many e-zines permit clickable links in resource boxes. Whenever permitted, you should spell out your URL as well as make it clickable so readers can go to your site simply by clicking on it,  and search engines will be able to record it as a link your web site, adding to your link popularity and search engine rankings

7) Avoid hyping in your resource box
Your resource box, while promotional in nature, should be brief and tasteful. The purpose of your resource box is not to sell your readers something, but to lead them to your website which does the actual selling.

8) Put some thought and effort into your writing
Do a good job and be honest. If your article comes off as half-baked, readers may make a similar assumption about you and your business practices.

9) Submit your article to as many e-zines as feasible
There are dozens of e-zines on the web that welcome submissions from independent  authors. I recommend that you first submit to only a handful of the more popular ones.

I use Article Submitter and Directory Submitter. However, if you want to automate the whole process of article writing, re-writing and submit to up to 20 directories at a push of a button, then you should check Mass Article Control. I use it personally, it's just great!

But there are many, many more. Just do some Goole Search and chose what you like.

3)  Traffic Exchanges Explained

Traffic Exchanges are a useful tool to get traffic to your website. However, it cannot be the only source for you to gain exposure to your website. The best way to use traffic exchanges is to attract people interested in your content through a Squeeze or Lead Capture Page. After they have given their name and email address, you guide them to your actual sales page. There is more time to explain your business and to probably get a sale. On the traffic exchange there are only 10-20 seconds loading time for your page….

But read more and all about in my offered 10 page eBook “Traffic Exchanges Secrets”.

4)  Ebooks – How To “Make Your Knowledge Sell”

There are some super advantages to having an electronic book (or other e-goods) that you can sell online…

*  Online immediate delivery (no shipping to deal with)
*  Easy to update at any time
*  Transaction and fulfilment takes place automatically
*  Very low manufacturing cost (almost zero…)

Once you attract traffic interested in your niche or product, what better way to monetize than to give the visitors exactly what they came for in the first place – more information!

Here is an excellent free eBook (140 pages) about how to “Make Your Knowledge Sell”. A step by step guide for how to do just that which includes

*  How to find profitable ideas
*  How to package your eBook
*  How to write an eBook
*  How to price an eBook
*  How to market an eBook

So there is all your knowledge about making money by selling eBooks. After following this step by step guide, also YOU CAN make money with their knowledge and passion. Its just MYKS!

5)  Past Issues and how to subscribe

You can invite friends to subscribe at my homepage martinbigler.com

Download the Past Issues here...

I hope you enjoyed reading and you got some good ideas on how to build your business. As always, take out what is useful for you. You may use my content for your promotions or as ideas for your list. If you find my Newsletter helpful, please tell others about it.

Thanks and have a good week.

Martin Bigler


Please follow me on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks.

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