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Enjoy this Newsletter!
A great selection of easy to implement tips on how to make an Online Income  that will help you to attain the comfort of a better lifestyle and escape the daily rat race of your job...
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The Educational Newsletter No 2

In this newsletter you will read
1. Introduction and Follow up - Motivation
2. Problems with one of my Domains
3. Ideas to get traffic and build your own list
4. Past issues and your feedback
5. Resources and recommended tools

1. Introduction and Follow up

During the last week, I was working hard to improve my trafic techniques and unfortunately I also got some online problems to solve. But all went finally well and all my sites are up and running again. So let's not waste any time and dive into the content of this Educational Newsletter...

MOTIVATION – Did you set your goals and plans already? Written to paper and ready to take action? If not, please take it serious and do some brainstorming to get it done. Success is just around the corner if you are serious and work for it.

Here is another motivational eBook to give you more ideas.

As A Man ThinketThe Motivational Handbook

Please go to the Download Page
(opens in a new window
Click safe as for the PDF and/or ZIP files)

You also get the chance to get the full Master Resell Rights on this famous eBook for a small price only. You can then sell or give away this book to your subscribers and earn some income too...

There is real truth in it. Feel free to skip it if you do not like it!

Further down, I will offer you three ideas to check out and consider. They are all free to join and to try, it just takes some kick. But first, I need to tell you about my Big Mistake and the.....

2. Problems with one of my Domains 

This is an example how fast things can get very important and out of control.

What happened?

By randomly checking my mail and links, I found out that all my pronet-affiliate.com links did not work anymore. After some further attempts, I finally realised, my domain name had expired....

WOW, I had a sleepless night!

This happened without a reminder of my host and now, I sat here with all my links related to my affiliate programs and eBooks not working anymore. I will not name the host since I feel it was to a great part my own fault. Off course, a nice reminder by the host some days before expiry and early enough for me to take action would have been great.

What did I do wrong?

Building my business, I had the idea for the pronet-affiliate.com domain, bought it and forgot about the subscription time. Actually I did not tick the recurring invoicing and also simply forgot to mark the expiry date in my outlook calendar and excel list. Well, now being away from home and not able to react properly with all my possibilities I otherwise have. More important, having angry customers, emails not answered in time, losing traffic and income....

What did I learn? How can you avoid such a failure?

- keep exact track of subscriptions and orders
- get all your dates organised in an excel sheet, outlook
  or any other tool
- follow up your important information and subscriptions
- this has also a positive effect: you do not lose money on
  programs you are a paid member since you know the exact
  date to cancel them just before renewal.

And pronet-affiliate.com will be the home of my membership site, which I am presently working on. It will still take me some time to get all set up and working but I assure you that this membership will be a great source for your own online activities. I will keep you informed. 

3. Ideas to get traffic to build your list

Viral Traffic List Builder
This is one of my absolutely favoured programs to promote my small ads, get viral traffic and have a great thank you page for my customers. And, as a VLTB Master List Builder Member, I invite you to join for free here.

VTLB lets you build your own lists and get traffic instead of just mailing to a downline. They also offer

- Niche word submission
- Codes for your Thank You Page
- Text Ad Codes
- Referral and Text Ad Impression Points
- Gift Ranking Position

Free Downloads, Traffic Resources, Downline Builders. You can add your own programs, gift links and ads to generate viral traffic. The best is, your ads are shown on other members pages and therefore get much more viral traffic as you can produce yourself.

Remember, you can join free through the link above. It’s well worth and once set up, it runs on autopilot displaying your ads on all sites you have put in the code.

There are two other great traffic sources I personally use and which give me very good results. There are free and paid options.

Viral Ads
Check out ViralAdSystem and ViralTrafficBar to see all the opportunities they offer.

Free $97.00 Value
Viral Ad System
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Viral Ad System
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Product Box
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Viral Ad System

This is my absolute favourite Traffic Exchange because it has 910,000+ Members and offers therefore one of the best advertising platform. There are almost 2,000+ members online at every hour of the day and you can easily communicate with all members as you wish.

When you surf, there is no limit to free visits you can receive per day — 10, 100, or even 1000. In addition to all the free promotional services and tools you will also receive:

• $0.30 for 1000 pages viewed;
• $0.10 for every person you refer;
• 40% from purchases made by your first level referrals.

You receive 10% of hits earned by your direct referrals, 5% of hits earned by people referred by your referrals, and so on through five tiers.

Easy to use, powerful and effective tools to create mini pages and site rotators are also included. Even in free plan!

As well as many other features: detailed statistics and tracking, 1000+ of images to use, domain filtering and geo targeting, dedicated hosting and etc.

EasyHits4U is one of the best traffic and sales generator to my personal and affiliate websites. Make use of this powerful tool for your advertisments too!

The Best Traffic Exchange

Article Submitter

This is a great tool to input your articles into the software only ONCE!  Then, the program would automatically fill in all of the required data at each of the submission websites on over 700 article directories, all free to submit your articles. This is an incredible time saving:

1. Input your article details (i.e. title, article body, bio, etc.)
    into the  Software

2. Click on the directory you want to submit to

and then the program will automatically fill in your article details. Simply click the submit button and your article is instantly life at the directory. Move to the next directory, go through the list, and by the time you're Finished, there could already be about 700 one way links pointing to your website.

I try to write an article about every week and submit it to as many directories As possible. If you write some good content (do not just copy old PLR!), you may get many links back, creating you traffic to your website over night. To start is hard, I know, but go on slow at first but with a certain rhythm, i.e.  about every 10 days. If you even track your links, you will find out from where you  get the best traffic and you are able to concentrate on these directories.

As I go my way, creating articles and reports, I will give you some of my content later on. However, I have to get it ready first and you must be patient still a little bit.

4. Past issues and your feedback

You can download my last Newsletter as WebsitePDF-Format or Zip-File.  Feel free to share it and invite your friends who can sign up at MartinBigler.com. And your feedback is appreciated.

5. Resources and recommended tools

EasyHits4U - One of the busies Traffic Exchanges!

Viral Traffic List Builder.

Article Submitter (Free) and Article Video Robot

ViralAdSystem and ViralTrafficBar

Check also for more Free Motivational eBooks.

That's the end and I hope you can profit from my ideas and content.

Stay tuned for the next issue of the MartinBigler Newsletter in about 8-10 days. Then with Squeeze Page Building…..

Thanks for reading.

Martin Bigler

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