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The Educational Newsletter No 1

1. Introduction and about me
2. Motivation to Build a Business
3. How to start and what you need
4. Past Issues and your Feedback
5. Resources and Recommended Tools

1. Introduction and about me

If you already visited my homepage at martinbigler.com, you realised that I am not too young but also not too old, I just have fun and like to be creative to go forward with my internet business. The site is still to be further refined and completed with many more links, tools, resources and other useful information I want to build in. I live in Switzerland, enjoy the mountains and in winter time skiing and otherwise being with my family and I hope that you can profit well from the content of my newsletters.

I am working hard on different projects and I will let you know in my future issues of this Educational Newsletter. I suggest to also to read my blog here. Thanks and I hope you enjoy my newsletter.

2. Motivation to Build a Business

Some years ago, I realised that I needed more time to let all my dreams become true - freedom, better lifestyle, travelling. For this reason, I work hard (but always enjoy), building up my internet business steadily.

What are YOUR dreams and goals?

Not so easy to define sometimes and - more difficult - to get there where you want to be. Here some ideas that helped me:

and expectation, cut it down to smaller bits and pieces, always have fun.

to your business idea, take an hour of brainstorming,  write it down, create your roadmap, put  dates on  it, plan for success and do not forget   to reward you too, etc.

Do not end up over-reading, over-collection information and materials, etc. (Yes, I know what I'm talking about!), concentrate on one thing, do it step by step, finish it and get it out, i.e. your article, your website, your eBook, your whatever you decided to concentrate on.

keep moving forward, stick to your set time plan, and relax. Yes Relax! Learn to do, get your free time and enough sleep! This is essential to a successful build up of your business and a positive environment.

Too much, too long? Maybe, but these are just the ingredients to a bright future in freedom. And in this or another way, that is all we want, isn't it?

So let’s start right now!

I suggest you to read this excellent free eBook for more input. You may give this book away or you can sell it if you like.

"The 7 Keys To Success" 
(direct download zip-file, save target as)

The 7 Keys To Success

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3. How to start and what you need 

To start your internet activity, you certainly need the some tools (some good links are below under 5. Resources). The most important ones are:

about the niche you plan your business. Do what you are good at, where you have best knowledge, etc.

Sure you are promoting products of somebody else, but to get some income to pay the fees, you cannot avoid it, so it's ok. Just look for commissions between at least 35 % to 75 %, and if they offer also a 2nd or 3rd tier commission. Also make sure what's written in the small print, how and from which amount they pay out commissions, etc. You are only interested in clear, fair rules and a low amount for payout. Try some searches for good ideas and products at the folloing sources: 



to automate your processes. To set up a sign in box to put on your landing page is very easy. The monthly fee of about $ 20 cannot be avoided to get the best service and delivery of your campaigns. There are also free autoresponders, however the price is that they put ads on top your mails and this does not look too professional. Also your subscribers get distracted and don't even read down to your message.  My recommendations:

Aweber         GetResponse

Then you need some free TOOLS
WinZip and Adobe Reader, a HTML editor and an FTP upload Software (all are free do download, see for links below).

Last but not least the HOST
where you upload your first landing page (see for links below). 

4. Past Issues and your feedback

Since this is my first newsletter, there are no past issues yet. However, I plan that you can download all future issues as a PDF document from this section. I think this is helpful and you can always come back to some ideas you want to take up again or if you want to forward the newsletter to your friends and list subscribers.

For my part, I try to give you my best advice and assistance so as I learned it myself and what worked for me. I certainly did many faults too....

Feel free to send me your feedback or suggestions.

5. Resources and Recommended Tools

Here are some suggestions to try out and to download. 

WinZip  or WINrar and Adobe Reader   (all free downloads)

HTML Editor NVU or SmartFTP

Good and Affordable Hosting at D9-Hosting, Hostgator, LotsMoreHits and 1and1 or namecheap, very reliable, good prices  also search for and reserve your preferred Domain at these sites.

Best Autoresponders, Aweber and GetResponse, top deliverability. 

Get a Clickbank account and check oout JVZOO and ZAXAA for more Affiliate Products.

Free Website Software for Content Websites, Adsense, Amazon, Paydotcom and a great affiliate program.

That's it for today and I hope you enjoyed this information and suggestions. In the next issue I will share some ideas about list building, article writing and creating a simple landing page. So please stay tuned!

In the meantime all the success.

Martin Bigler


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